Kitesurf lift service on North Lake Garda from Limone

Lift Shutte Service on Lake Garda

Get to the best wind of Lake Garda with the Wind Riders crew!

We take you to the best wind of Lake Garda for an amazing kite session. From Limone it is a short ride of about 3 km to most of the kitespots. Our favourites are: Capo Reamol for the morning sessions with North wind and for the lighter afternoons. On the stronger afternoon we will mostly launch on the navene kitespot.

Prices for our lift service on Lake Garda

Prices are in euro´s per person.

S = supervision R =Rental  G = Go-joe Rental

Do you find the price for supervised rental expensive? Please consider taking a class. Wind Riders also offers advanced kitesurf lessons. There is always something to learn! Have you never kited with a hydrofoil? Then take a lesson before you rent the hydrofoil board.

Kitesurf lift with Wind Riders

When you take a Lift you need to have your own third part liability insurance. We recommend: The Safety Tool, 39 euro’s per year and you are good to go. It only takes you 5 minutes to buy online.

Kite center Wind riders uses the fairplay rule. If there is No wind we will reschedule your lift. Even if we have already driven to the kitespot and the wind disappears you get to redo lift for free. If you go in water and get some kiting done we will use fairplay and look at it, situation per situation.