Beginner kitesurf lessons with Wind Riders on Lake Garda

Zero experience or more, we will help you reach the next level!

Are you new to kitesurfing or do you need to refresh the basics?

The Kite center Wind Riders in Limone on the beautiful Lake Garda has been founded over 10 years ago. Let us share with you some  of our knowledge before you decide which kitesurf course to book.

If you have taken lessons before, and you want to continue with us, you are off course very welcome. But please understand that you will need some time to get used to our kites, our instructors, our lake, and our wind. How long this takes we cannot promise you. If your last lesson was 10 years ago, it might take you longer to get back to your previous level than if it was a week ago. To get back to your old level it might be nice to be private or in a duo with the instructor so that you can progress faster from exercise to exercise until you have refreshed everything. Book our intermediated kitesurf course or advanced kitesurf lesson to get started.

beginner kitesurf lesson on the beach of Wind Riders

Would you like to try out kitesurfing to see if you like it?

Book our test lesson. 1 h theory/ simulation lesson on the beach and a water lesson are included.

If you want to reach independence we recommend our 5-day course private, duo or in a trio. With this course, you will at least learn how to recover your board, how to ride downwind in both directions and how to make a self-rescue. Sometimes people learn as well already how to make a turn and ride upwind. We have even had people learning how to jump on the last day of their 5-day course. But the minimum is guaranteed and you will get more lessons for free if you do not reach the minimum. So if you booked the 5 days you will know what your level will be by the end of the course.

How is it possible that we can guarantee this? Our instructors are all IKO qualified, we have the best wind/ kite spot of Lake Garda with 80% of each kite session delivering good teaching conditions! We buy new kites every season and make sure that all equipment is in topnotch condition.


Prices for our kitesurf courses:

All prices are in EURO per person
*   Quality guaranteed! You will be riding (downwind) in both directions!
** Only possible for groups who know each other

What is included in the kitesurf lesson?

  • Wetsuit, harness, lifejacket, radio helmet and in the colder months: Second wetsuit, shoes, gloves, neoprene hoody.
  • You IKO level will be updated on the last day of your course. (With your IKO level you can prove your experience for renting or continuing lessons at other IKO centers around the world!)
  • Kite, bar, board plus equipment insurance. So if it happens that you break a kite, lose a board there will be no costs for you!
  • A morning water lesson is from 6:45 to 11:00 am, A afternoon water lesson is from 13:00/ 17:00 pm. Per day 1 lesson is included. Our recommend schedule: Day 1 theory from 11/12 am and afternoon water session. Day 2: morning water session. From then on alternating between morning and afternoon session. That way you learn to kitesurf with big kites and light wind in the afternoon and small kites in strong wind in the morning.
  • If there is no wind for your 2nd or higher lesson we have an alternative program of learning the self-rescue and practicing board skills by wakeboarding. If there is no wind for your day 1 then we cannot teach the self-rescue because without previous kite flying experience it is to technical. We will have to reschedule your session. If you have no time to reschedule your session you will receive a voucher that you can spend in our shop, webshop, use for lessons or rental in the future, spend in our sailing/ sup center or give to friends for lessons.

What is not included in the kitesurf lesson?

  • Speedo or bikini to wear under the wetsuit. We recommend bikini’s without knots on your back but a sports top instead.
  • A refillable water bottle to bring fresh water with you. We prefer no plastic bottle because once they are empty they might fly out of the boat and litter our beautiful Lake Garda.
  • Travel/ medical insurance. If you are Italian then your “tessera sanitaria will be enough because Kitesurfing is no extreme sport. If you are not Italian you need to check your insurance and get if needed travel insurance that will cover you in Italy.
  • A second water lesson per day is not included. If you want to do 2 water sessions per day you can do a 5-day course in 3 days. But you must be physically in top shape!


  • If you are ill or injured you can cancel your lesson anytime. And you will keep your credit for rescheduling as soon as you want to continue.
  • If you have other plans you can reschedule your lesson up until 24h before the start of the lesson. If you request to reschedule your lesson within 24 h you lose your credit for that session.
  • If you think that there is no wind and the lesson will be rescheduled you need to check it with the school manager. Please call or WhatsApp: +39 3488975467. In the afternoon the wind starts at 1 pm which is the meeting time so it is not possible to tell you earlier if there is wind. In the morning we will usually know 30 min before the lesson starts if there is wind. It is not allowed to decide for yourself that there is no wind.

Can I have a discount?

If you are coming with more than 4 people (group, family) please write us a message to request a discounted rate.

If you haven’t booked your hotel or lodging yet

There are many hotels in Limone that we can book for you and you will save 5 to 15% of the rate you see on