Kiteschool Wind Riders

Wind Riders IKO kiteboarding center Lake Garda, since 2009!

The first IKO Intermational kiteboarding school of Lake Garda. The center is located at the west side of the lake at Limone sul garda. Every year Wind Riders grows bigger and thanks to an amazing team better. With more locations and the adding of other sports like wingfoiling, kitefoiling, wakeboarding Stand Up Paddle boarding & sailing.

5 RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) to serve the Wind Riders Team

Quality, functionality and safety is for us in first place. All our Rib’s are equipped with the latest Honda outboard engine. Wind riders is the first kite center at lake garda who is using electronic RIB’s to safe the environment.

For teaching we use our Rib’s
1x 490 Stingray Marine with 40Hp Honda
2x 560 Stingray Marine with 100Hp Honda
1x 620 Valiant Marine with 115 Hp Honda

Wind riders goes green, the first test Rib of “Torqeedo & Tornado” Marine is already at lake garda.
The test was very positive so that we start at the first kite center worldwide the summer 2021 run a electronic Rib!
More information coming soon.

For our lift/shuttle service, wake & foil – boarding and private boot tours we use the “MS Monster”
1x 850 Stingray Marine with 300 Hp Honda boat for bringing groups of lifters to the best kitespot of the Lake in matter of minutes.
Plenty of space to bring 2 kites each, everybody can relax seat, first aid equipment with AED, dolby surround music system, wakeboard tower, dubble air compressor to pump the kites fast.

Also for our 24h “SAR” Search and Rescue service we use the “MS Monster”


Core kites

The latest and best equipment for you!

Every year new kites from Core are at your disposal. Wind Riders teaches with Radiohelmets, safe go-joes on the boards and IKO instructors.

Wind Riders is an official Core test center. Test the Core XR, Nexus, Gts, Section or the X light & impact model. Feel the new Sensor 3 bar. You will be impressed with how great the safety systems work! Try the Fusion, Choice, Bolt or Fusion light wind board. All Core equipment you can try for 15 minutes free of charge at the beginning or at the end of your lift session. If you would like to try 2 different kites to compare them in identical conditions, we will bring 2 kites for you on the water to try. Is 15 minutes per kite not enough, have a look at our kite equipment rental options. If you decide to buy from us, the rental test fees will be waived.

The Wind Riders school & beach

Limone’s beach is made out of magic pebbles. Small, round and water absorbing. After you kitesession you just spread out your kite and the kites drys super fast. There is also plenty of space to attach your lines or launch. The Wind Riders school offers the option of storing your equipment during your stay.

Founder of Wind Riders: Maayke

After working at several kitesurf schools around the world and getting her IKO qualification Maayke decided it was time for her own school. In 2009 she started Wind Riders in Limone