Wind at Lake Garda

Europe’s most wind guaranteed kitespot!

We are blessed with 75% of our kitesurf sessions happening thanks to the wind. We have 2 sessions a day so an extremely high chance to kitesurf every single day! Do you have a week’s time to learn to kite? Book our 5 days kitesurf courses. Thanks to the amazing wind we can guarantee you will be riding by the end of you course!  Are you already a kitesurfer? Book our lift shuttle service to get you to the best spot. The thermal winds coming in from the North in the morning and the South in the afternoon are a unique phenomenon. There is no place in the world like Lake Garda. Please be aware and do not see our local wind and do not forecast any wind on our Lake. Please check the wind at the sources recommended by us.

If you would like to know how the wind is in the next 24 hour: Check the simulation of Meteo Swiss:

Download there app in the Apple store or Google play store. One you have in download click on Wind and zoom in the bottom right corner of the wind simulation. You will see Lake Garda 🙂

How to check the wind on Lake Garda?

If you would like to check the general weather forecast/ wind forecast for the next 3 days. We recommend:

  • Meteo Trentino for the weather and extreme winds. A few times a year we get a north wind called Fohn that stays for days. Meteo Trentino will forecast it !
  • for the wind forecast. It splits the days in morning and afternoon wind. Anything above 25% means wind at our kitespots.

Attention! There is no wind in the windfinder/ windguru forecast for Lake Garda 🙁

Do not use Windfinder or Windguru for checking the wind forecast on Lake Garda. They do not see our thermal wind. Are you in doubt? Contact Kitesurf school Wind Riders, our experience will help interpret the forecast.

Kitesurfing on lake Garda with Wind Riders

“The Peler”

This strong North wind is in general between 18/ 25 knots. But there are days that it reaches 30 or more. So bring also your smallest kite. If you don’t have small kites than you might prefer to rent from us or join the afternoon session with the Ora. “The Peler” starts early and so do we. We expect you 6:45 at the school to have a cup of coffee on the house, and then join us on the water! The kite size depends on your weight, board and style. So please send us a message for a personalized recommendation of which kites to bring.

“The Ora”

The Ora is most days more gentile than the morning wind. She blows somedays light. Then we go to the kitespot “Capo Reamol” to find super flat water and steady winds. If she is blowing stronger than she becomes gusty at “Capo Reamol” and we go to Navene. Both spots are a short boat ride from Limone. Most used kitesizes in the afternoon are 12 / 14 m2. The kite size depends on your weight, board and style. So please send us a message for a personalized recommendation of which kites to bring.

Kitesurf webcam northern Lake Garda

If you would like to know if there is wind 10 minutes before your session starts: Check the webcam