Wind Riders is using Core Kiteboarding equipment

For the last couple of years, we have been using the Core kites, bars and boards. We have been extremely happy with the quality and service and will be using Core equipment also the upcoming season!


Here at Lake Garda we love the core kites. They are extremely stable. This prevents kites falling out of the air or rolling in the wind window resulting in to twisted lines. The kite are forgiving to our beginners and give our advanced riders the confidence to try out new tricks. The deep water relaunch has been well tested by our students and riders, no problems here.


Core Sensor bar

We are so excited that this years Core line up of bars has the universal Red, Push away quick releash. We stand 100% behind this upgrade! The quality of the core lines is exceptional. They rarely stretch. And you can believe us that our instructors have tried stretch them with many big powerful kite loops.


The Core board line up, covers everything from twiptip to surfboard.

Hydrofoil boards

We use the North hydrofoil. With short mast 65 cm and easy wing for beginners and the longer mast 90 cm with speed wing for experienced riders!

Buying kite equipment from Wind Riders

Did you like some of our kites, bars or boards so much that you want to buy it? Have a look at the Wind Riders Kiteshop. Some kites, bars & boards we only sell at the end of the season. If you want a particular item, please send us a message to reserve it.