Wingsurfing with Wind Riders on Lake Garda

What is wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is the latest watersport trend on Lake Garda. Wingsurfing is a combination between hyfroiling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Previous foiling experience is very helpful before starting with Wingfoiling but not obblicated. Wind Riders has a unique foiling program for complete beginners. You start on a SUP board with Wing to learn the wing handling. The SUP board is very big and stable, making it easier to focus on the wing. To learn to ride on the hydrofoil wing we pull you behind the boat, this creates a steady controlled environment. The boat drives at a constant speed and with the radiohelmet your instructor coaches you through every step. Most people are up foiling within 20 minutes! Once you have the foiling figured out it is time to get used to the wing. First, you will ride the board in the water and learn how to control the wing. It is a bit like windsurfing. The more you pull in your backhand, the more power the wing generates. When the power becomes too much or you are surfing a little wave and don’t need power you let go of your backhand and the wing loses all its power and just floats in the air with you.

Wingsurf Test lesson

You can do a test lesson if you are completely new to watersports or when you have already windsurfed, kitesurfed, or sailed.

If you have been practicing a wind sport before you can expect to surf the wingsurfer and maybe even pop up on the hydrofoil. If you have zero watersport experience you will make some meters surfing but to reach the most fun experience and be up on the hydrofoil we recommend our 5 day course.

Included in the test lesson is the wingsurfing set, wetsuit, lifejacket, radiohelmet and full equipment insurances.

The instructor adapts the lesson according to your progress and wishes.

Wingsurfing lessons and courses

If you book a trio lesson then you and the other participants get rotated until you reach the level of staying upwind. If you book a private or duo lesson you get your own wingsurf set to use.

No previous windsurf, hydrofoil of kitesurf experiences is needed. With our 5 day course, we guarantee you will be wingsurfing upwind and you will be able to do some short distances up on the hydrofoil. Flying above the water on the hydrofoil! If you have previous windsurf or kitesurf experience you can expect it will go a lot faster.

Why would you wingsurf and not windsurf or kitesurf? Some of the things that wingsurfer really love is the fact that you are allowed to wingsurf in the same locations as windsurfing is permitted. Whereas kitesurfing is often forbidden because of the potential dangers that the lines of the kiteset can creat or the nature disturbes that the kite high in the air might create. The whole set of wingsurfing is smaller that a windsurf set. Travelling will the a lot less hassle. Most wings are like kite, struts of air hold the shape. No mast or boom needed like with windsurfing. Meaning it folds up really small. When you reach the advanced wingsurfing stage and you get to right some waves you experience a feeling really close to the true wavesurfing. No windsurf rig or kite holding you back in your moves. The wing just floats with barely and pressure with you, down the line. The amount of days that we have true waves on like Garda with a big storm you can count on one hand. And still wingsurfing is booming. Everyone loves the feeling of being up on the hydrofoil flying above the water. The easy intuitive way of holding the wing and how to generate power and loose power is very a peeling. Give it a try with kiteschool Wind Riders!

Prices for our wingsurf courses:

All prices are in EURO per person
*   Quality guaranteed! You will be riding up on the hydrofoil!
** Only possible for groups who know each other

Wingsurf Rental information

Wind Riders offers different sizes in wings and boards. Our 4 m2 wing is mostly used for beginners and strong wind conditions. Our 5 m2 is for lighter wind and more expert wingsurfers.

When you are a beginner and it comes to board size: the bigger the better! A bigger board allows you to progress must faster. We offer the 130-liter wing beginner board from Fanatic. Great stability with a soft deck so that you can climb up easily without hurting your knees. Our 110-liter board is more suitable for lighter persons and more experienced wingsurfers.

Prices for our lift service with wingset rental on Lake Garda

Rent a board, wing, lifejacket, wetsuit … anything you need from us. Every year we get new equipment, new wings so you will always have top-notch equipment to have an amazing wingsurf session.

S = supervision R =Rental  G = * not available for Wingsurfing

All prices are in euro’s.

When you rent from us material insurance is included!

Wingsurf spot Lake Garda

In the morning the best spot is Capo Reamol for wingsurfing. Here the north wind is very steady and the water nice and flat.

In the afternoon we check out the wind conditions. In case of light wind we are back at Capo Reamol. If the wind is stronger we stay more at the level of the Wind Riders kitesurf school.

What makes Lake Garda an amazing wingsurf lake? The biggest plus in our experience is the amount of space. The amount of space in combination with the windrange of a wingsurfer creates a masssive area in which you can cruise around and explore the stunning side Lake Garda has to offer. The second biggest plus is that we follow you with our RIB’s so that we can always offer you help when needed. You never have to swim back! The boat just comes and picks you up in case of need.

Wingsurfing rules on Lake Garda

Wingsurfers follow the normal watersport rules that are valid for all wind and water users on the Lake.

You must stay at all times 300 meters away from the shore.

Left hand infront gives priority, Right hand infront has priority.

For your own safety we recommed to never wingsurf into the windwindow (the area where a kite can fly and crash) of a beginner kitesurfer. You can recognize a beginner kitesurf by the big lifejacket, helmet, the absence of a board, or the more sitting position while kiting. Beginner kitesurfers can crash a kite at anytime, you do not want a kite, the kitelines or a beginner the crash on/ into you. It is better to stay away from beginners. Lake Garda is big enough so if you see a beginner just give them free space.

When we arrive at the spot with the best wind we explain the advanced wingsurfers to stay in the upwind part where only windsurfers and wingsurfers are allowed. The more downwind area is used by beginner kitesurfers and beginner wingsurfers.