Kitesurfing on Lake Garda with WindRiders

We are the kitesurf school “Wind Riders“, open all year round!

Enjoy the beauty and peace of the mountains which drop straight into Lake Garda. This stunning location with the buzz of kitesurfing creates an experience like no other – nothing but the wind, the water, you and your kite. Everyday 2 kite sessions with thermal reliable winds!

Kitesurf school Wind Riders on Lake Garda

Looking for kitesurf lessons or lifts?

Wind Riders is a multi-discipline kitesurf school in Italy. We are located directly in Limone Sul Garda on the beautiful Lake Garda. We teach everyone from complete beginner to advanced kitesurfer. Learn the basics, take a safety lesson, improve your jumping, or try out a new style ‘ Hydrofoil’ for example.

Just want to kitesurf on Lake Garda? You can take our lift service and we bring you to the best wind spot of the whole Lake Garda. If you have your own equipment you just book a lift. If you need equipment we have every year brand new equipment for rent. Have a look at the lesson below to see if there is anything you will be interested in learning! Since 2021 Wind Riders also offers Wingsurfing.

In the early morning when we meet for the first kite session of the day we offer you a free hot coffee or tea. While you sip your drink we brief you about the current wind conditions at the kite spot and inform you with which boat you will be going on the water. After the afternoon kite session, we like to share a cold drink and hang out on the beach with you.

Lift Shutte Service on Lake Garda

Lift Shuttle Service

Get to the best wind of Lake Garda with the Wind Riders crew! We take you to the best wind of Lake Garda for an amazing kite session. From Limone it is a short ride of about 3 km to most of the kitespots. Our favourites are: Capo Reamol for the morning sessions with North wind and for the lighter afternoons. On the stronger afternoon we will mostly launch on the navene kitespot.

Beginner kitesurf lesson with Wind Riders on Lake Garda

From Zero to hero. (IKO level 1, 2G)

Kitesurf lessons on Lake Garda with Kite center Windriders will get you addicted to this beautiful sport in no time. You start the day with zero experience. Then you learn in a 1hour theory/ simulation lesson how to set up the kite, how and when to use the safety systems and some communication signals. Followed by the water lesson. Sitting on the edge of the boat or duo bodysurfing with an assistant you pilot a kite. When you have a feeling for it you will practice bodysurfing alone. But thanks to the radio helmet you always hear your instructor in your ear. This helps you feel safe and is great for progression. Book now your Test lesson and bodysurf solo already your first lesson!

Bodysurfing on Lake Garda with kiteschool Wind Riders

Downwind bodysurfing (IKO level 2G)

Controlling the direction and the power of the kite at all clock positions of the wind-window. When you are in control you can choose to surf left or right, slow of fast. It’s awesome! We have all been beginners at Kitesurf school Wind Riders and know that Lake Garda offers you super safe space and consistent wind conditions to feel safe and progress fast.

Upwind bodydragging on Lake Garda

Upwind bodydragging to your board (IKO level 2H)

Before you can start practicing the waterstart you need to be ready for get back to your board. During a waterstart it can happen you fall and lose your board. The kite pulls you downwind so we teach how to get back upwind. With the help of the Go-joe you safely learn to recover your board. NO dangerous board leash needed or allowed!

Waterstart lesson with kite center Wind Riders

The waterstart (IKO level 2I)

If you were not yet hooked after the bodysurfing, you will be now. Getting up on your board and riding your first meters is an experience you will always remember. These days we all have mobile phone and we at Kitesurf school Wind Riders love to snap you a picture of you up on your board in combination with the stunning nature of Lake Garda.

your first meters riding a kiteboard on Lake Garda

Downwind riding (IKO level 3J)

After the waterstart learning to control your speed will allow you to ride downwind. You will feel in control. Stop when you get close to the mountains or if you need to apply the right of way rules and restart in the other directions. When you reach the downwind limit of the kitezone the boat will bring you back upwind.

Upwind riding during your progression kitecourse with Wind Riders

Upwind riding (IKO level 3K)

Once you start riding upwind you will be spending your whole time on the kiteboard. No more shuttles back upwind with the boat. You start and finish at the same point!

Learning the selfrescue to kitesurf in full safety

The Selfrescue (IKO level 3N)

If the wind stops, if your equipment breaks, if the wind directions changes, if you lose your board or you end up in a tunderstorm you need to get back to the shore safely. The selfrescue teaching you how to recover your kite, how to swim with your kite and how to use your kite as a sail.

Jump high with the strong winds of Lake Garda

A jump with grap (Iko level 3k)

If you fancy becoming an IKO assistant then learning a jump (with grap) will be on your to-do list! If you have been trying to improve to reach the right level but time is running out? Why not take a lesson with Kitesurf school Wind Riders on Lake Garda. You will progress in no time.

Hydryfoil kitesurf lesson with Wind Riders

Hydrofoiling on Lake Garda

If you find the low wind sessions a bit boring because you cannot jump that high? Hydrofoiling is the solution. You will feel like a complete beginner again and will enjoy every step of progression. We can teach you how to ride the hydrofoil, how to gype, ride toeside, gype with downloop, how to tack, how to roll tack, how to make backroll and lots of other cool stuff.


Wingsurfing is the latest watersport trend on Lake Garda. Wingsurfing is a combination between hyfroiling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. No previous experience is needed but if you have experience you will reach independence faster. The benefit of learning how to wingsurf on Lake Garda is that you do not have to worry about going downwind. The boat follows you and brings you back upwind!

Unhooked kitesurf tricks with Kiteschool Wind Riders

Unhooking for some wakestyle tricks. (iko level 4)

Unhooking is the first step to make an unhooked railey or some cool tricks. Kitesurf school Wind Riders on Lake Garda offers great conditions for progression. Nice stable wind and plenty of space in combination with our radiohelmets & boat coachig will make you progress your tricks fast and safe!

F16 kitesurf trick on lake Garda

F16 (unhooked backroll with kiteloop)

A very exciting trick to learn. It looks hard but with our radio helmet coaching and demonstrations, it will be easy 🙂

Make your kite-dreams come true!

Tell us what your would like to learn in a private, duo or group lesson/course and we organize it and make you kite-dreams come true!

Do you want to know more about the International Kiteboarding Organization? You can find more information about this in the IKO assistant course we offer.