Advanced kitesurf lessons

Jump high with the strong winds of Lake Garda

When the sky is the limit, you can always learn more!

You are an independent kiter (staying upwind) but want to improve. Maybe you want to learn how to make a turn, ride toeside, jump or learn new tricks or a new style. With our radio helmet coaching and demonstrations from our experienced instructors, you will progress in no time 🙂 Are you not yet steady riding up wind? Book our intermediated kite lesson to learn so.

Contact Kiteschool Wind Riders by phone or WhatsApp to check if you have booked the right sessions for your level. Remember, mornings have mostly strong wind on Lake Garda and afternoons light wind. Now you might think that strong wind is the best for learning how to jump a kiteloop? But we like to start you with lighter wind with a bigger kite so that your kite loop ” attempts” are more controlled and less painful. Any trick you want to learn, we have a plan for teaching you the easiest way! No lessons needed? Book our shuttle lift service to get out on the Lake.

Prices for our kitesurf courses:

All prices are in EURO per person

*   Quality guaranteed! You will be riding (downwind) in both directions!
** Only possible for groups who know each other