Hydrofoil lesson with kitesurfschool Wind Riders

Hydryfoil kitesurf lesson with Wind Riders

Fly above the water with a hydrofoil!

Hydrofoiling is a style of kitesurfing that a lot of people start with for the light wind days. Only 6 knots and a big kite are needed for going. But having tried it once, it is addicting and soon hydrofoiling will be all you are doing.

You will start learning to ride the board with the wing underwater getting pulled by our boat. Than when we see you are ready, we will help you find the right balance to pop up above the water and stay consistently up on the wing. After 30 minutes foiling behind our boat you are ready for trying the foil with the kite. Our beginners start on the large wing with the short mast (65 cm). When you master the easy foil you can progress to our 90 cm mast and a smaller race foil. When you get the hang of the cruising, next on the list is learning to gyp, tack and jump! Kite center Wind Riders on Lake Garda has been teaching hydrofoiling since 2012! After you have had lessons in foiling, you can rent a foilboard plus book a lift shuttle at Wind Riders.

The wind on Lake Garda is amazing for hydrofoiling. The very stable and consistent wind is what we are blessed with. This in combination with the deep water and plenty of space will make your lesson extremely safe and efficient. Our unique lesson plan combining the steady pull behind our boat and the direct coaching with the radio helmet creates the perfect learning environment. You will be up foiling in no time!