Kitesurfing in Limone

Jump high with the strong winds of Lake Garda

Your kitesurf holiday in Limone sul Garda

When you are not on the water kitesurfing you will want to spend your free time in a place where you can relax. Limone offers amazing food; typical local Italian dishes, pizza’s & high culinary plates that surprise your taste buds. Take an evening stroll on the boulevard enjoying a homemade cone of icecream. Sit down at the Porto Vecchio for an aperitivo. Try an Aperol Sprits or a Hugo with a stunning Lake view!

From the Lake to the Sky, Limone is stunning

You have spent some days kitesurfing. Maybe you mastered your first meters of riding your board or you have broken your highest jump record. The more time you spend on the water, to more you realize the amazing mountains you are surrounded it. Limone is home to many mountain trails. Follow the “Sentiero del Sol” to the panoramic point overlooking the North of lake Garda and Limone. Test you limits and hike up to “Cima Mugheera’, you will cover over 1000 meters of Altitude and will be rewarded with an amaing view off the whole a Lake and an impressive sky line of Mountains.

Can you combine a romantic holiday with a kitesurf trip? In Limone you can!

Are you looking for a holiday where you can kite, your partner can relax and enjoy him/herself and you can spend some amazing moments together? In Limone, you can kite the early morning session or the afternoon session. This gives you plenty of time to spend with your significant other. Book a nice room with a balcony overviewing Lake Garda. You wake up at 6 am and sneak out to have an early kite session. Your partner can spend the morning sleeping in or relaxing. You will be back before they even miss you. Or spend the morning together strolling the old-time or hiking some mountains. Enjoy lunch on the beach and leave your partner to sunbathe or take a massage at one of the famous wellness centers of Limone. Evenings are for romantic dinners with lake views or in unknown little courtyards restaurants. Just ask Wind Riders where to take your partner for an unforgettable dinner!

Is Limone suitable for a kitesurfing trip for young people?

Limone sul Garda offers something for everyone. We notice that young people start their holiday in Limone very active. One kite session plus one other sports activity a day. They go canyoing, paragliding, downhill mountainbiking, hiking, sailing, supping or via ferrata. And then after a couple of days the chill fase kicks in. They explore the different beach bars. Spend an afternoon playing a bit of beach volley or launch on the beach or the Mamba beach pool. Wind Riders is a kiteschool that enjoys spending time besides kiting with their guests. Most days we have an aperitivo together on the beach and minimum once a week we all go for Pizza. Do you need something special to make your time in Limone unforgettable? Wind Riders organizes everything. We drive you with our back boat to the waterfall, Torbole ( Windsbar), Bardolino (Holywood) to Malcesine or to the middle of the Lake. Where every you want to spend you sunset aperitvo with your friends. Limone has during high season parties at the Cherenguito beachbar, life music in the town center and in different bars. Popular places for young people to go: Mamba beach club (pool, launch, party, lunch, dinner), Cherenguito beach bar ( live music + dj), bar Turista, Jimmy beach bar, and loads more. Just ask us for advise 🙂

Family/ kitesurf holiday in Limone, Lake Garda.

Limone has two amazing kids friendly campsides and some kids-friendly hotels. Here you find babypool, playgrounds and in the bigger hotels like Leonardo Davinci an kids animation team. Wind Riders has seen families enjoy a kitesurf holiday in Limone for many years. We have seen couples with a baby who take turns kiting. We have seen active families where the whole family takes up kitesurfing. Remember kids must be 6 years old to be able to book the test lesson and 8 years old to book the full course. Sometimes mum and dad go kiting and the kids to out on a sailing/ sup tour. The shoreline of Limone has twice a day of completely calm flat water. This way even the youngest kids can play in around the water in complete safety. During the summertime there is always a lifeguard present on our beach.  Is there anything more rewarding than enjoy nature and sports with the whole family?

Any doubts if you can have a great time kitesurfing in Limone?

Just contact us. We can suggest to you the most suitable accommodation, kite schedule and other activities to enjoy while being on holiday in Limone sul Garda!