Biking in and around Limone sul Garda

Mountainbiking, e-biking or touring on a city bike on the in 2018 opened bike path.

Here at Lake Garda you can find many different cycle routes. Whether you want a giant, adrenaline-filled downhill track or just a flat path you can take the whole family along the river on; there is a route for everyone. You get the greatest view of the lake by mountain biking up into the hills, surrounded by sections or forest, areas of shrubbery, and little paths. There are also great passes you can take with a racing bicycle, even along main roads (just remember to bring your hi-vis vest and lights!). You have the opportunity to choose your favorite out of a huge range of biking routes. If you want a great day out with a hard ride you can even take the cable car up to the top of Monte Baldo from Malcesine and ride all the way back around to Riva.

Rent a bike

At the Wind Riders school we have several bikes that are available to rent, if you want to take a day out or even just to cycle to the school and back, rather than walking!

Rent a simple bike from us: With suspension: 1 day = 10€
1 week = 50€ Without suspension: 1 day = 5€
1 week = 25€ At the Limone tourist information several free of charge maps with bike routes are available as well as charged maps of the mountains. Rent yourb fancy bike or ebike from LimoneBikeRental.