Rent your kiteset from Wind Riders

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Prices for our lift service with kite rental on Lake Garda

Rent a board, kite, harness, wetsuit … anything you need from us. Every year we get new equipment, new kites so you will always have top-notch equipment to have an amazing kite session.

When you rent from us material insurance is included!

Do you find the price for rental expensive? Please consider taking a class. Wind Riders also offers advanced kitesurf lessons. There is always something to learn! Have you never kited with a hydrofoil? Then take a lesson before you rent the hydrofoil board.

Rent you kite from Wind Riders

Is other kite equipment included when I rent a kite?

When you rent from us wetsuit, harness, lifejacket (and in the cold season: gloves and shoes) are included!!

  • Breaking your equipment while using it normally is included. Excluded is, for example, deciding to leave the kitezone and self land your kite on the shore… Or trying to self teach yourself how to kiteloop and keep smacking the kite in the water. The price difference between rental and lesson is not crazy. Please book a lesson in that situation. It will safe damaging the equipment and yourself!
  • Losing your equipment is not included by normally rental, it is included with rental supervision.
  • Supervision is not the same as a lesson. It also isn’t an upwind shuttle. To be able to book supervision you must be able to ride and bodydrag upwind in most conditions. If the wind is difficult and you go downwind you will be brought upwind 1 time. Second time going downwind you will be upgraded to a lesson if possible or taken off the water.