Job offers for working with the Wind Riders Team

Lake Garda is one of the best kite spots of Europe. With our famous North wind in the morning and South wind in the afternoon. Thanks to these 2 reliable thermal winds we teach every single day 1 lesson, most days even 2! All lessons on the water are thought by boat. No walking upwind, the boat just drives you back. Teaching with radio helmets for easy and clear communication.  Working with Wind  Riders is living the Italian lifestyle. Amazing food, aperitivo in the late afternoon after the second kitesession. Nice & relaxed working atmosphere.

Lifes a beach. Come join us on flip-flops.

Wind Riders is looking for the upcoming season for a IKO qualified kitesurf instructor.

Time frame: Wind Riders is open all year round but we are looking for an instructor from April until October and an extra instructor for the high season July/ September.

Job description:


  1. Teach a morning water session
  2. Sometimes teach a beach theory lesson
  3. Teach an afternoon water session

Social skills:

  1. Team player. Everyone arrives at the same time and leaves all together when the job is done.
  2. Instructors are living together in the team house. We expect you to be considered to the other team members.

Languages skills:

  1. English is a must. German, Italian, Dutch & French a plus.


  1. Minimum Iko level 1.
  2. Powerboat licence is a must for head-instructor position.

Maintaining kitesurf equipment:

  1. Refueling and cleaning the boat you used.
  2. supervise drying & preparing of kites, when needed repairing of the kite equipment used by you.

Office manager:

1 . Running the beach office. Welcoming the clients. Assisting the clients with the paperwork. Showing the clients around. Introducing clients to the team.

2. Organizing the schedule with the head instructor.

3. Answering the phone and emails in English, German, and preferably Italian.

4. Taking payments.

5. As an office manager you are a fully appreciated team member of the Wind Riders team. You join with the Team dinner, aperitivo and outings. On your day of you can learn to kitesurf for free.

Office/ beach assistant for the Wind Riders kiteschool:

1. Assisting with the Wind Riders kite clients to get everyone ready for the kite session.

2. Managing the SUP rental, tour, sup under the stars evening tour, and lessons.

3. Keeping the school in order at the peak moments when there are clients.

4. Selling Wind Riders clothes and kitesurf equipment.

5. Placing all the equipment at the correct place at the end of the day.

As an assistant, you are a fully appreciated team member of the Wind Riders team. You join with the Team dinner, aperitivo and outings. On your day of you can learn to kitesurf for free.

Kitesurf assistant/ trainee.

An assistant helps with any part of the lesson.

  1. Preparation of the boat and kite equipment.
  2. On the boat with the launching and landing.
  3. In the water; Duo body dragging with beginners. Downwind body dragging, upwind body dragging, and water start preparation.
  4. Assisting with the theory lessons on the beach.
  5. Assisting with maintenance of the school, boats and kites. Refueling boats.
  6. Joining with everything that the Wind Riders team does.

Wind Riders offers a good monthly salary, free accommodation in the kite instructor house.

  1. Head instructors get their own room.
  2. Free use of the Wind Riders kite equipment during your free time.
  3. Once a week team dinner paid by Wind Riders.
  4. Pick up from the airport or train station.
  5. A registered contract that makes your working at Wind Riders 100% legal and insured.
  6. Per week you have 6 days working, 1 day off.
  7. Wind Riders gives you a t-shirt, hoody, cap and boardshorts.
  8. Wind Riders provides you with a bicycle to go from the school to the instructor’s house.
  9. Free use of the team car to go food shopping or free day activities.