Wind Riders would like to thank all our previous team members for contributing to Wind Riders:

Thanks for helping us make the school what it is today!  Read here what our past team members are up to…

Kara Olivia Statham

Kara team Wind Riders

Languages: English, French, Italian and some German…
Tasks: Instructor and Manager
Instructor ID: 6950
Like: freestyle and down winders
Best thought: On ne sait jamais, I would love to be fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and travel the world following the wind and sun all year round!

Winter 2013/2014 Kara is teaching kitesurfing at a school of friends of mine in Antiqua: after that I do not yet know what she is up to.

Wiebke Kress

Wiwi Wind Riders Team Member

Nickname: Wiwi
Languages: English, German, French and a bit Italian.
Tasks: Instructor (ID 10778)
Hobbies: Watersport, wintersport and basketball.

Winter 2013/2014 Wiwi is teaching kitesurfing at Mauritius and than she is going to study medicine in Berlin, Germany.


Manu KressScreenshot_2014-07-24-18-52-15-1

Assistant instructor in training
Speaks: german and english
hobbies: Cycling and kitesurfing



The Seastar:      The Seastar: 40 hp

Power: 40 hp

Job: Transporting kitesurfers to the best spot of Lake Garda

Capacity: Up to 4 kitesurfers, 2 instructors and loads of equipment.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t underestimate the small ones. I’m small, light and super fast.

The reason for the seastars retirement is being replaced by a bigger, better boat.. .



Caetano FeiteiraIKO kiteboard instructor

IKO Instructor ID: 11309

Portuguese roots, born and living in Cape Town, South Africa.

South African Slingshot Team Rider

Favourite style: wakestyle and freestyle.

Words of wisdom: Take every opportunity you get to kite! If you don’t crash, you are not pushing it hard enough.

Hobbies: kitesurfing, surfing, skateboarding and graffiti sketching.

Read more about Caetano

Christian Grundman Kitesurf Instructor Christian

VDWS instructor since 2009: ID 18073

Born in Germany, worked as tennis instructor and kitesurf instructor all over the world.

Speaks: English, German and a little Italiano

Hobbies: kitesurfing, tennis and guitar playing

Favourite trick: Kiteloop, Kiteloop backroll, Kiteloop transition.

Words of wisdom: You only live once so enjoy it and kite!

Maciek GrześkowiakScreenshot_2014-07-24-18-40-32-1

Nick name: Magic

IKO ID: 11919

sailed since he was 9, switched to kitesurfing 2 years ago and is now a level 2 iko instructor.

Speaks: Polish, english and a little german

hobbies: Kiteboarding, hiking, longboarding

Favourite tricks : railey to blind

words of wisdom: unhooked is the only way.

Etorre Zannini

IKO ID 7752

Level 2 instructor

Speaks italian, Spanish and english

Hobbies: playing guitar and kiteboarding

Filip  FabryScreenshot_2014-07-24-17-34-20-1

Assistant instructor in training

speaks: dutch and english

hobbies: wakeboarding, longboarding and kitesurfing

Words of wisdom: eat, sleep, kite, REPEAT!

Ieva Urbonavičiūtė2014-08-19 09.05.52

assistant instructor in training

Speaks: Lithuanian, Russian, english and a little Italian

Hobbies: kitesurfing, wakeboarding, longboarding, skiing, snowboarding, sailing

best trick: surfacepass

words of wisdom: life goes on.


Sanne van Zanten

Sanne Wind Riders team member

Nickname: San
Nationality: Dutch (Speaks: Dutch, English and German)
Function: Kitesurf Assistant and Instructor
Best thought: is something what Marije Smeets, a paralympic atlete said once: Limits are in your head, not in your body.
I just love the idea that anything is possible!



Marjon Boldingh

Marjon team Wind Riders


Nickname: Marjon/new boss
Nationality: Dutch (Speaks: Dutch, English and some German and Italian)
Function: freelance Instructor (ID ) 9404
Homespot: Scheveningen, The Netherlands – live right at the beach to
be able to kitesurf as often as possible
Next to kiting: I spend a lot of time at my current brilliant job at
Shell, I love to sail competitively, snowboard and have a good time
with friends and family on the water !!


Sibren Tadema

Sibren team Wind Riders

Nickname: Sibi
Function: Advisor
Best trick: Big Air
Favourite style: Old school
Working for an international company all over the world.
Works at Lago di Garda since 2005

Samy Cohen

Nickname: Sam
Nationality: French (Speaks: English and French)
Function: Instructor (ID 8591)Samy Cohen, IKO kitesurf instructor
Currently Samy is working and studying in France for his French Kite Surf Instructor Diploma.

Steven de Vegt

Nickname: Steef, Hodor
Speaks English, Dutch and a little French and Spanish.
Tasks: Assist! and instruct (and to do research)
Hobbies: Watersport, wintersport and tennis.

Steven is working for a kitesurf school in the Netherlands and will start studying for his master in september 2014.

Demetrio Savio


Nickname: Demi
Nationality: Italian (Speaks: English, Spanish and Italian)
Function: Instructor (ID 8799)
Style: Freestyle
Goals in live: Enjoy life and travel
Best thought: Bitches!?!?

He is partly owner of a kitesurf school in Kos, Greece

Ruben Kijf

Nickname: El RubioRuben
Nationality: Dutch (Speaks: Dutch and English)
Function: Instructor and Assistant manager- “Manusje van alles;)” (in Dutch language)
Style: Freeriding Goals in live: To get my bachelor degree in Facility Management
Education: General secundary education, University of Facilty Management. (IKO ID 8580)
Best thought: Live every day like its your last.


Nickname: Ivet
Nationality: Czech (Speaks: Czech and English)ivet
Function: Instructor
Favourite quote: “A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. – Loa Tzu
Goals in Life: To get my kitegear and travels sponsored 😉
Style: Freeride
Sports: Kitesurf, surf, snowboard, sailing and climbing.
Education: FdSc Outdoor Education, dinghy/ windsurf/ kite instructor ( ID 8010)

Marzia Pasetto marzia

Function: Instructor (ID 8812)

Rintsje Bosch

Nickname: Rins
Function: Rins started in summer 2010 as assistant, at the end of the season he has done theRinstje Bosch Instructor course. He passed with the highest score!  September/ October 2011 he came back to run Wind Riders while Mika was away for competitions. here you can follow Rins on his advantures in Mui ne, Vietnam! (winter 2011/2012)
Education: General secundary education, Sport and Management. (IKO ID 7640)
Style: Freeriding

Stefano Starkel

Nickname: Stefano
Function: instructor
Education: IKO level 2 instructor (ID: 4854)
Last winter he started his own clothing brand: this winter he opened his own kitesurf school: Thailand!

Manuel Maino

Function: Assistent (IKO ID 7651)

Margreet Meijering

Nickname: Mae
Function: Assistant in 2009. Started being a co-assistant in a Dutch Hospital team_margreet
Favourite style: freestyle
Goals in live: Become a doctor in Africa
Works at Lago di Garda since 2007
Education: Gymnasium, Medicine student, IKO assistant (ID 6673)

Miranda Muller

Nickname: Miri 106781482_5_LdoL

Function: Coach and Italian communication.
Favourite style: Freeride.
Goals in live: Spent maximum time on the water and in the snow.
Education: Leisure management. After 10 years of serious jobs in Holland, she works as ski teacher in the winter and in the watersport business in the summer.
Lives at Lago di Garda since 2006

The car:

Nickname: Mitch
Function: Transport

Goals in live: Bikiniwash und unendlich viel Diesel