Wind Riders Snowkite camp 4/9 March 2013

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Wind Riders Snowkite Camp –) 4/9 March 2013 –) Passo Tonale, Italy



Passo Tonale from Randersen Films on Vimeo.

For many years Wind Riders has been teaching in the snow but this is our very first Snowkite camp. The idea is to have week filled with fun in the snow. During the day the group will get separated according to level but during the clinics and the other moments the group will be together. Tonale is a nice snow town with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and even a disco. The snowboard and ski area is small but if there is one day no wind you enjoy the pistes or go back country touring on snowshoes or skies.

6 nights of accommodation and breakfast are included in the price. More nights are possible to ad for the special price of 30 euro pppn bed and breakfast at Just inform us about additional nights in advance.

For who is this camp? Anyone who would love to snowkite. We will have 2 different groups. One for beginners and one for advance snow kiters. The beginner group is open for anyone no previous kite or snow experience is needed. If you have some ski and some snowboard experience than we suggest you go on skies. This because the beginning is a lot easier on skies.

What to bring? If you have a snowboard or/and skies, snow clothes (ski/ snowboard shoes, suit, gloves), a helmet than you should bring it. If you are flying in and it is difficult or you don’t have any, it can be rented. Tell us what you need and we will organize the best deal for you.

Where is it? Passo Tonale, Italy.


In all the packages included is the welcomes drink and goodbye dinner, snowkite clinics (weather, mountains, equipment, safety, repair) and Bed and breakfast.

Pro package: Advanced coaching and tours for 330  euro ( equipment excluded) 430  euro (equipment (insured) included

Intermediate lessons/ coaching package:  Intermediated  coaching for max 3 days and than joining the pro group 480 euro (equipment excluded) 580 euro equipment included.

Beginner package. Every day lessons and a little tour at the end.  680 euro. Equipment included.


No Wind policy: If there are less than 3 good days of wind, vouchers  will be given as compensation. The value of the voucher will depend on the days of wind and on the price paid for coaching, equipment or lessons. The vouchers are useble at snowkite school tonale and Wind Riders Kiteschool and Wind Riders kiteshop for a full year. For example: If you have booked the beginner package and you have only had 3 days of wind you will receive a voucher of 150 euro. If you have booked the pro package with your own equipment and there is no wind for 6 days you will get a voucher for 100 euro.

No snow policy: camp get’s moved to an other location where there is snow. Prices might change in comunication with the participants. The local will still be on an acceptable distance from Milan Airpot. (options are other spots in Italy and Swiss


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