Today the 5th of August

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5. August

It has been a while ago since the last blog, but here are some updates about our adventures on Lake Garda again. We’re still having a great time here, and we are happy about the way things go at the school. We have a lot of enthusiastic students who are ready to go on the water at 7 am. Also in the afternoon there are students who want to start with kitesurfing or want to continue on their own level. This week we had a perfect and stable north wind so far, and our students had a great time practicing bodydragging and making waterstarts. Normally it takes 3-4 lessons to be able to stand on your board and ride a couple of meters, but this perfect north wind made our students learn really quickly. We’ve had a lot of beginners and when they are together in the water holding each other’s harness, it work perfect. They learn by watching each other, and they are more stable in the water. As soon as they start upwind bodydragging, Mae join them in the water, and in one lesson they learn to make a good upwind bodydrag to their board and also with the board. The next step is practicing the waterstart with the board on your feet, and of course that’s what everyone is looking forward to.

Today we had 5 students, including 2 total beginners, 2 intermediate students and one girl who continued her level riding downwind. At the end, everybody could make a good upwind bodydrag, and some also with the board. Leonardo made his first waterstarts and his girlfriend managed to make some turns. Wonderful!

Unfortunately the south wind didn’t come in the afternoon, and after waiting a while we decided to go wakeboarding and practice the waterstart and have a lot of fun of course. We know that in August there is more north wind and the south wind sometimes doesn’t come at all, but we still have hope for tomorrow, and continue the lessons of today.

Getting up early, work the entire morning, and also go on the water in the afternoon looks like an ordinary day, but it isn’t!! Today is Mika’s birthday! Now she’s 23, grown-up, wise, getting old etc etc and still the boss of the best and most fun kitesurfschool at Lake Garda. A small party this evening to celebrate it, and the 14th of August everyone is invited on the opening party and birthday party at the Cherenguito Beach Bar.

See you there or at our base in Limone!


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