Swimming, Jumping and Abseiling

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A whole new experience; going down into the canyons and you still don’t know what’s coming. For me it was. And it was a very cool experience; even the water was still a little bit cold.

I got on my bike from Limone to Riva, where I would be picked up at 1 o’clock. The van came, we talked some (it was a little bit difficult because I was speaking English and he was speaking German) and we got at the working office of “Garda Avventura”. It was a nice big place where all the equipment for the canyoning, the quad riding and material for the other tours were stored. I had to fill in a form for my own risk etc. and 20 minutes later we were all sitting in the van, going on adventure. We were with 11 persons in total; 1 guide for in the water, 2 persons for guiding us to the spot and 8 persons (6 men, 2 women) who were going on the canyoning journey. Before we got at the spot, you could already enjoy the beautiful nature; the trees and everything else besides the road, it looked like some kind of jungle. Half an hour later we arrived at the spot.

The canyon was next to a road. We parked there, pulled on our equipment and our journey started.
Still didn’t know what it was going to be, but I knew I would get wet. The 9 of us (8 customers and the guide) were walking and sometimes crawling through the water. Of course the canyoning couldn’t be done without an explanation of the trip. We stopped at a place, where the guide was telling us about the techniques for jumping, abseiling and the sliding against the slippery rocks. After this we started the journey.

There were only German people, so everything was also explained in German. Luckily I was able to understand it all, what was important because of the different techniques we had to use. First we walked for a while, between all the nice nature and the waterfalls. That was one of the most beautiful things about the canyoning; the nature. Between the wet, slippery rocks you were able to see all the nice waterfalls and trees between it. After a certain point, we arrived at the first spot we had to slide against the rocks. You had to put your hands close to your body, so you were in a safe position to slide down. When I came down into the water it was cold in the beginning, but after a while I got used to it. Waiting for the other people to come, I was preparing myself on the next things which were going to happen.

In the beginning I was already excited, but the “big” things were still about to happen. We walked some further and we arrived at our first jump. I didn’t expect it this high, but it was pretty high. So the guide told us where we were supposed to jump and we jumped from about 7 meters down in the water. Couldn’t see anything for a couple of seconds, but at the point my head was out of the water again I knew I made it.

But we still didn’t do the abseiling, something I also never did before. We went down to another spot, where you could see the ground, only it was 20 meters down. We had to hook ourselves up and we started abseiling. Nicely helped by the guide we were going down and we landed in the water, where we had to unhook ourselves again. That was a nice thing about the guide; he always helped us out with the difficult things we had to do.

Unfortunately the journey had almost come to an end, but there were two more exciting things to do. A very nice spot where we were going down for 60 meters, it was amazing! Ended up in the water, it was the highest abseiling I saw so far. Watching over the beautiful nature, I was enjoying my time. After the last part we abseiled, there was one more jump. So I ran and I jumped 7 meters down, it was awesome!

A wonderful experience it was, and still excited about it. The water was still a bit cold though, but I liked the whole experience. We packed up again, got some tea and cookies, and we went back home again. Pretty exhausted, I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes and the staff dropped me at the point where I dropped my bike.

Tired I was, I was going home back to my bed, to rest for a little bit.

I thank Garda Avventura for a great experience, one I will never forget.



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