So far, so good!

May 5, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized


 Hi Guys !


Sam again on the blog feed. It has been one month now that i’m living and working in limone, and as much as I can tell,  so far so good.  We had some happy customers that went through the whole 4 days course, and manage to get their Iko card, YES, they were able to turn, to ride toeside, turn toeside and even jump ( good one, Fabio ! Congrats ! ).

On the other side, we had some bad weather, with a little bit of rain here and there, but the worst part is still to come : a few customers changed their mind thinking the rain will kill the wind, and didn’t show up for the session. Which is a big shame, because the wind was still there, and chased the rain away ! I guess there’s not much to do about it, but remember to think twice, sometime wake up early even when it’s cloudy is a good idea for the sun rise pretty quickly now – we are in may afterall – and the wind is good and stable . For thoses of you which still thinks that morning session is too cold, you will appreciate the fact that we don’t need anymore gloves and shoes.  When the sky is clear, during afternoon I’m even too hot in my winter wetsuit ! Regarding my own skills, i’m getting better, I’ve managed to land some railey to blind with style and a  stylish backloop transistion with one hand in the water

Aside of work, I must admit there’s a lot to do in Limone and around. We went to that bike event in Riva to spot some action ! That was the opportunity for me to make some nice shots using my brand new camera.

It looks like there is still something going on somewhere around the lake. Afterward, we ( Steven, our new assistant, Lisa, and myself ) were starving and rushed to that sushi shop in Riva. Quite a good meal we had, if you ask me. I understand it’s not a real italian meal, but there’s a lot of place where you can eat pizza and pasta, so, a little bit of change is always good .

I’m gonna close this post by talking a little bit more of what happens when i’m not on the water – day off that is.  I went up hill on the san giovanni trail, where I’ve crossed a few people like me, camera in hand, ready to shoot any subject stopping by near.  For thoses who don’t like that much to wander around in the hill, there is still plenty of things to do in Limone, and we’re trying to get them all listed. If you are interested, just take a look at our ‘fun’ page but be patient, as this page is still underconstruction, we’ll keep you up to date for sure.


See you soon lads !


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