Snowkiting in Norway

January 12, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized


Since 2 days I am in Noosen, Norway doing a snowkite instructor course. After years of teaching is good to finally get the option to get the official qualification. So far a lot and had a snow kite session everyday

The first day I kited with a 2012 10 m north Rebel and today with a 2012 m Frenzy. With the North kite I had a great time, just sometimes in a gust of wind I got pulled quite a bit. Today with the Frenzy was really weird. The wind was gusty but the kite was also so different as the 2010 Frenzy which I know. I did not like it that much but I will give it another try the next days. So far I am really missing my own Kahoona’s. they are quite perfect snow kites. Stable, good re-launch, good depower and strong.

Today I saw some beautiful pictures of Nadir, taken at the Simplon pass in Switzerland. The spot were I once worked as a snow kite instructor for 4 months.


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