Radio helmets are improving the quality of lessons!

July 18, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

With HEADZONE we are in control

Wind Riders is using now with all lesson the radio helmets. They have proven to be super useful for any lessons. It gives the option to confirm beginners that you are seeing them and you are close by. And on the other side when we are teaching advanced jumping lessons we can give a little advise with every jump and we see faster progression!

We can advise the student, suggest corrections and see ¬†immediate results. Safety is increased as well. It is win-win communication. We don’t even have to raise our voice. What a difference from standing on the beach or boat shouting instructions. What we discovered is that the student feels more confident and you can avoid losing your cool. The students gain more from each lesson and there is less stress on the student when in action.


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