Combined Packages with kite surfing and other activities.


At Lake Garda you have such a great range of diverse activities to indulge in! On this page we have put together some offers for you that combine several sports at once so that you can come and kite with us but also try your hand at other things and explore the Lake in a different way while you are here!


Take a look at what is on offer:


Long Wet weekend –

2 day kitesurf course + Canyoning experience!

Come and stay with us in Limone and experience two of the best water sports! Kite with us for a 2 day course, learn how to use a kite and get your first starts on a board and whilst you are not kiting – try some canyoning! Canyoning is the exploration of a river, deep in a gully , climbing, making some nice jumps into deep pools and abseiling. You can chose from different water ways including the Palvico and Rio Nero and will always have a qualified tour guide close by you. A great way to spend a few days getting fit and having fun in fresh clean water straight from the Dolomites!

Prices start at 2 day kitesurf lesson in a group and Topolino tour is 255€ but there are a few different options so we have put all the information below.


Option 1:  TOPOLINO

Trip down the river Palvico.  Takes 3 hours in total, in canyon 1 hour, highest jump is 4mtrs, altitude difference 65mtrs. Difficulty rating: low.   Price : 55€

Option 2: JURASSIK

Trip down the Rio Nero river.  Takes 3 /4 hours in total, 2 hours in canyon.  Longest abseil is 25mtrs, highest jump 13mtrs and the altitude difference from beginning to end is 200 mtrs.  Difficulty rating : medium.  Price 65€


Trip down the Palvico river.  2 hours in Canyon with a total time of 3.5 hours.  Highest jump is 6mtrs, highest abseil is 120mtrs.  Difficulty rating: Medium. Price : 69€

Option 4: JURASSIK integral

Trip down the Rio Nero river.  4 hours in the canyon with a total time of 5 /6 hours.  Highest abseil 25mtrs, highest jump 13mtrs. Altitude difference from beginning to end; 380mtrs. Difficulty rating: Tricky.  Price: 120€

*NB: Jumps can normally be abseiled if you want.

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Air adrenaline

-3 day kitesurf course + Paragliding!

Do you like the sensation of flying? Join us here at Lake Garda for a fun filled few days of flying kites on the lake and then soaring over it! With a 3 day course at Windriders you will learn how to control and pilot your kite, get some power out of it and start riding your board.   However you will really get the best view of the Lake from high up on Monte Baldo.  During one afternoon/morning you will make a tandem jump from Monte Baldo, the cable car will take you up the mountain so you can take a good look at the southern Dolomite mountains then soar over Malcesine and the Lake before landing right next to it. It really is an experience of a lifetime – the best view of Lake Garda. A normal tandem flight is 130 euro and an acrobatic flight is 150 euro.  The Price for a three day course and paragliding is 430€, however if you want a different package just Contact us for more information.

*NB for an optional 20€ extra you can have a video of your glide.


Lake and mountain explorer –

4 day kitesurf course + Bike hire.

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda is a great way to see the Lake from a different view whilst learning to do one of the most fun and addictive watersports in the world! You will spend 4 sessions with us learning to control your kite and really get riding and controlling your board.  But why stop at seeing the Lake and its surroundings from the water? If you want to get dirty too then why not head into the beautiful mountains that surround the Lake and see it from up on high? You can take a ferry straight over the lake to Torbole or Malcesine with your bike then cycle up and back or even head up to the top of the mountain with the cable car and you can take the great downhill track all the way down the mountains to Limone. There are so many tracks and ways to explore these great mountains that it is impossible not to want to get involved! Kitesurfing and mountain biking, the perfect mix of day sports with which you can explore the whole area!

Bike no suspension is 5 euro per day or 25 euro per week. With suspension 10 euro per day and 50 euro per week.


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Sport Junkie

– 5 day kite course + Canyoning + Paragliding + Wakeboarding + Stand-up Paddle boarding + Bike hire.


Are you one of those people that just can’t chose which sport you like the most? Do you want to explore the mountains, lake, do some great sports and get all the adrenaline rush possible? Come and spend a week with us here in Limone and you will realise that it really can be non-stop sporting fun!  Spend 5 sessions with us on the Lake, learning to use your kite and gaining some great experience on your board, becoming quite independent. Take some Paddle Boards   Then, in between sessions, head out and get your fix for the rest of the day… fly off the top of Monte Baldo and soar over the Lake at altitude,  jump, climb and abseil your way down a river ravine and cycle some of the best off-road tracks on offer! Explore the mountains and lake in all the best and adrenaline filled ways and take your body to the limit!


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