Kids are ruling the lake!

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A few updates from beach life here at wind Lake Garda!!

Start them young.

Among our students in the last week or so, we have had about 7 or 8 that are all under 17 and what good students they are! The kids are certainly ruling the water at the moment! Within just a few short lessons they are flying upwind, turning and on some occassions getting a bit of air (not always on purpose 😉 ) Kids always learn so fast but these guys are doing really well! Epecially Benedict who at 10 years old, is the youngest of them all and is in the water for hours whenever he gets the chance.  With a little wakeboarding practice to help with board control we were even having to work on 180s and getting pop as they were so quick and willing to advance their skills!! Look out world there are some new youngbloods on the horizion…

Multilingual windriders

Ciao! Hello! Buongiorno! Hallo! Bonjour! Guten Morgen! Salute! Hoi!

Windriders is expanding languages spoken here every year! Now we have Samy (and me, Kara,) who speak and teach in French! Mika of course is the best linguist of us all as she is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Italian but I am hot on her heels as I am learning more German and Italian and even a bit of Dutch every day 😉  We cater for most of the major european languages so get in contact if you want some lessons and we can most likely sort you out!


Blow me away!

We have had some really nice strong northerly winds during the last few mornings! At one point I was teaching on and also riding a 5.5 Kahuna!  It’s a pretty quick and fun little kite! As the wind was quite strong it stayed quite nicely into late morning and we got some good long sesssions!


Apres- kite refreshments and comfort!

The Beach Bar Cherenquito has a new cocktail! For all those who like a bit of coffee flavour they have introduced a white russian.  Perfect refreshment for a warm evening – the White Russian has a creamy/ milky flavour with a hint of coffee that is hard to refuse!! There are also some great new bean-bags at the bar so it is now even more comfortable and relaxing to spend some time there looking out over the water.


Other fun stuff at the lake!

We now have new co-operations with canyoning and paragliding companies around the lake. If you do ever fancy a day doing something different or just on the off chance there is no wind check out our fun page for all the information you need or to book an exciting experience. You can often see the paragliders flying high over the lake and it is such a thrill! Check out Steven’s blog post ‘Swimming Jumping and Abseiling’ for his first hand experience of the canyoning excursions!


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