In the test: Cabrinha, North, Advance and Best

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In de test:


2010 10 meter Cabrinha Switchblade



2010 7 and 10 meter North

2010 8,5 and 10 meter Kaiman Advance

2010 9 meter Warroo


Test conditions:

Stabile wind: From 12 knots to about 28 knots. (different days, morning/ afternoon sessions)


The Cabrinha Switchblade 10 meter 2010:

Tested in 3 morning sessions and 1 afternoon session. Conditions: Stabile wind. 18 knots going down to 10 knots. 23 knots going down to 20 knots. 15 knots going down to 10 knots, 12 knots..

Test points

–          Looks:

o   Kite:

§  Very nice bright orange with a quit design on the wingtips. I like it.

§  The shape of the kite looks a lot like the previous models.

§  Nice one pump system with an excellent working airstop. And it’s very easy to replace the LE or a blader.

§  The  bridles are longer than before. This is not so nice for boat starts. For the back lines there are different options. Light and lighter.

o   Bar:

§  This is the most beautiful bar I’ve ever seen or felt. The ends are nice and soft. And if feels very good.

§  The bar doesn’t slide up and down as easy as before because they changed the line going throw the bar. Than one is a lot thicker because it includes a safety line. The not good sliding in combination with a point of steering  (see later in this review) is a minus of this kite.


–          Safety sytem:

o   Activating: There are different ways to use the system.

The powerlines split after 5 meters. One of the power lines works as a safetyline. If the kite is hanging on this lines it flags out.

§  1. Without leash.  If you activated the quickreleash the chickenloop stays on you. The chickenloop is connected on the line that goes throw the inside centerline/ through the bar and is connected on one of the powerlines. Now your kite is flagged out. To releash the last line you pull the pin. And your kite is gone. This is safe for persons who do not ride unhooked.

§  2. With leash. You connected to safety leash on the safety line. After pulling the pin, the kite hangs on your leash. After activating your leash releash your kite is gone. In cause of unhooked riding and letting go of the bar the tension on the leash will activated the pin and will activated the safety system. Your kite will flag out. This is a safe way to practice your unhooked riding. But it is a bit frustration if you let go of the bar quit often and you kite is always flagging and it takes time to build it up again.

§  3. with leash suicide connected.  After activating the pin the kite is gone. And your leash is still on your chickenloop. After letting go of the bar while unhooked riding your kite is easy to recover by pulling the leash and restart.


o   Recovering: after having your kite flagged out you have 5 meter to go before you reach the bar. But in general the lines are not to messed up and restarting is still an option.


–          Relaunch:

o   Water relaunch:  The water relaunch is okay. In strong wind the kite sits at the end of the wind window waiting for you to steer it up.

o   Boat launch: not so nice because of the powerlines splitting after 5 meters.


–          Wind Rage: 15 tot 23

o   Low end: not good for an average 10 meter bow kite. But they also don’t give a to good low end in the description. They say: 15 to 23. I think that’s true.

o   High end: not to impressive. The depower strap only give you the option for 10 cm shorter front lines. I think most of the kites have 15 cm of trimming options.

–          General impression cruising:

o   Bar pressure: Light

o   Response: Slow in normal wind. Good in strong wind. During the landing of the jump the kite sometimes shoots down. When you try to steer it up it doesn’t response even when you have the bar pulled. It happened that I was exactly grapping a steering line just to let it turn up before hitting the water.


–          Jumping:

o   Lift: Good

o   Kiteloops: Good. Only with the landing the kite response slow/ not.


–          Unhooked: A very nice stable kite. It never stalls, not even in really light wind!

o   Freeride: you feel exactly where It is. And stays there pretty stabile

o   Surf: it is really a great kite for using in combination with the surf board. It keeps pulling really steady. You can make a fast turn downwind. The kite recovers really quickly and keeps pulling.


–          Good for a:

o   Beginner: Not really. It is very safe but not so good in Light wind.

o   Intermediated: yes, it’s a nice all-round kite. But it is not going to be the kite for me. The reasons: not enough low end, weird response with the steering while landing.

o   Pro: I don’t know. But I don’t think so. I think it’s to slow for a pro.


The North Vegas

–          Looks:

o   Kite: this kite looks total chaos. It takes some time to get used to. After riding it the second time for 3 hours I started to think it’s pretty.

o   Bar: no big changes here. I like the white design.  The depower system works whit a clemclait. Now it was working absolutely perfect. But I know that after some time you will have to changes the rope when it start slipping throw.

–          Safety sytem:

o   Activating: Works good. To option. Leash on the pink rope.  After activating the quick releash the hangs on it’s fifth line. Or suicide leash. After letting go of the bar while unhooked riding your kite hangs on your leash.

o   Recovering: After activating the quickreleash your bar is some meters away. You pull the line connected to the leash and you get easy to the bar. It’s just the standard 5th line safety system. Sometimes your kite will fly upside down on the 5th line. Sometimes it will stay in the water and you can easy restart.

–          Relaunch:

o   Water relaunch: Good. You have to pay attention like any fifth line system.

o   Boat launch: the not nice thing is that the front lines are one for the first 5 meters. If your kite goes through itself it is differ cult to solve this problem from the boat.


–          Wind Rage: 14-28 18 – 34

o   Low end: Good.

High end: this is very very good. Maybe that’s a typical C kite feature. But this kite was great. You are riding in 30 knots of wind and your kite is so stabile and feels normal.

–          General impression cruising:

o   Bar pressure: light. This bar doesn’t feel so nice in my hands. But also the North feetpads didn’t feel nice on my feets. (The straps felt good and the shock absorbsion to, just the feeling on my skin was not so nice). Maybe it was just my day that nothing felt nice but I could still feel my hands when I came back on the beach. Like the material is a bit rough.

o   Response: fast. You always no where the kite is and it goes where you want it to go immediately.

–          Jumping:

o   Lift: good

o   Kiteloops: a lot of power. I expected that my first kiteloop attempt with a C kite would be a big crash and no fun for me. But maybe I improved and I really enjoyed the pull of this kite. I started with some small kiteloops but after landing these perfect I went for some bigger ones. It pulls a lot but the nice thing is that is still pulls enough during the landing. This was making the landings easier for me.

–          Unhooked:

o   Freeride: When you unhooked this kite it pulls the same as hooked in. I’m use that while I’m unhooked riding I sometimes get pulled downwind. Not whit this one. It was good to control and it felt light. Hooking in and out worked fine to.

o   Surf: I tested a really bad surfboard while testing this kite. The board was so horrible that I couldn’t really say anything about the kite.


–          Good for a:

o   Beginner: No, I don’t think 5 line kites are good for beginners. And no because it still pulls when you have the bar away. That is not nice when you are a beginner standing on the beach.

o   Intermediated: Yes, it’s nice. But there are not really options for cheating on the power of this kite. It is not going to be the kite for me because I think I’ll make more progression with a bow kite. My reasons are not really there. But it is my feeling that a C kite would still be to differcult and something for the future. I’m starting to hate riding overpowered. I like riding perfect powered and than it doesn’t really mather bow are C. but if you take only one kite. Maybe a bow kite is more fun when you are intermediated.

o   Pro: Yes. I think that when you are a pro you can do everything with this kite.


Test points: Kaiman

–          Looks:

o   Kite: It’s very very pretty. The eye in the kite looks nice. The colours are bright and styles.

o   Bar: looks nice to. Feels nice. The weird thing is the 5th line adjustment cleat. I’m still not sure how it works. It affects the power  for sure. But than there is also the depower system. If I made the 5th line a little shorter I felt more power and when I made it a lot shorter less power.

§  The nice thing is that all the 5 lines separated at the bar!

–          Safety sytem:

o   Activating: Works good, the normal 5th line system.

o   Recovering: There is a stopper after 5 meters, so it’s the normal way to recover your bar.

–          Relaunch:

o   Water relaunch: It realaunches like a bowkite if the wind is strong. And like a 5th line kite in less wind.

o   Boat launch: perfect because you can solve problems from the boat if your kite has gone inside out back to outside out and the lines are twisted. This because all the lines end at the bar. It’s briljant!

–          Wind Rage: 12 – 26

o   Low end: Very good

o   High end: Good

–          General impression cruising:

o   Bar pressure: A little bit more than the other kites I’ve tested.

o   Response: normal. The bigger sizes might be a bit slow.

–          Jumping:

o   Lift: A lot! Whit this kite you go high and you stay high. It is easy to control these mega jumps. I was in the air, checking the kite, checking the water, checking the kite. A few times and then landing perfect.

o   Kiteloops: The turning circle is not small but also not that big. It pulls but not to much. It’s gentile.

–          Unhooked:

o   Freeride: Stabile pulling, when overpowered sometimes it pulls to much.

o   Surf: Great, good response. But if the wind is light end you send it up to 12. Some times it stall on the way overthere. I liked keeping this kite low. Than is pulls very good and stabile.

–          Good for a:

o   Beginner: yes and no. if you push the bar it away it doesn’t pull that much. The relaunch is not that differ cult but I think a beginner should start with 4 lines. It will be less drama. Less knots and you can make more mistakes while restarting the kite.

o   Intermediated: yes. It’s very gentile in everything you try.

o   Pro: I think it is a little to slow and gentile for the aggressive style most of the pro’s ride.


Test points: 15 – 32 best warroo


–          Looks:

o   Kite: The design is nice. But I got the most ugly yellow there is in the world. (the same ugly  yellow Best has been using in 09. It is not bright yellow but dirty yellow. All the other colors they have for this kite are nice. But this one… not my color.

o   Bar: it’s the 09 redline bar. It feels nice! And everything works well.

–          Safety system:

o   Activating: When you activated the quickreleash your kite hangs on the 2 front lines. The splitting point is 2 meters above the bar. I think that’s a nice distance. Safe and still good for boat starts.

o   Recovering: Easy, only 2 meters to go.

–          Relaunch:

o   Water relaunch: Very good. A bit Kahoona/ Delta style.

o   Boat launch: Good.

–          Wind Rage:

o   Low end: Very good

o   High end: not good. The kite is bigger than the square meter who are written on it. Personally I don’t like to fly delta kites/ kahoona’s overpowered this because there profile is not so fixed any more. The canopy starts flapping and the feeling is not constant. The 09 warroo had a very good high end. I think this kite got to much delta things which made it less good in overpowered conditions. But in light wind and normal wind it is good.

–          General impression cruising:

o   Bar pressure: The same as the 09. A bit more than a Kahoona.

o   Response: it reacts slow. But predictable. I think it takes time to get used to but than it is nice.

–          Jumping:

o   Lift: The lift got more constant and gentile. It’s also quite a lot.

o   Kiteloops: It pulls. Maybe even more than the 09 warroo. You feel where it is and it is easy with the landing. Also overall this kite really pulls. But when you push the bar away it stops pulling. That’s nice.

–          Unhooked:

o   Freeride: It feels a bit heavy and not that easy to control in gusts. (This is the only kite that I have tested in gusty wind….)

o   Surf: Did not try.

–          Good for a:

o   Beginner: yes. Good safety, good restart, (4 lines) good depower. Good wind ranges.

o   Intermediated: Yes, but unhooked it is not the easiest kite.

  • Pro: I’m not sure. I think it’s too slow.


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