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August 19, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

I   have been kiteboarding now for 2 years. I started my passion for water sports with sailing when I was 1 year old or even younger. Most of my younger days were spent on our family yacht. Under such a way of activities I was participating in local optimist and radial class competitions in Lithuania. IMG_5254

Later I switched my hobby to skiing, became a professional athlete in Lithuania national team and by the time I was not able to ski professionally I realized I had a lot of knowledge to offer other skiers, so I became a ski instructor. At the same time I started a bachelor degree of Civil engineering in Lithuania. While I have been spending all my time at the university or mountains I realized that I enjoy this way of life, study and work, which is a delight for me.

As I mentioned before, 2 seasons ago I have tried kitesurfing as well. First lessons went perfect, I have learned kitesurfing at the Baltic seaside. From that time I was kitesurfing every summer weekend or work day when the wind was blowing even knowing the fact that kitesurfing spot is about 350km away from Vilnius, from the place where I live.

During my last winter spent in Madonna di Campiglio resort while working I thought that would be nice to work in a kite school or start a kite assistant course for this summer. Because I already had a plan to come in Italy for an Erasmus exchange program this autumn. While searching for some schools in the internet near Lago di Garda, I have visited Wind Riders website. They were looking for an assistant for a some time. I contacted them and after few steps I was in, already packing my stuff and looking forward for a perfect one month to spend with Wind Riders team. Here, at Lago di Garda, I hope so to gain more experience in teaching others, expand my skills in kitesurfing as well as learn more tricks by myself.



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