Rent a Northkiteboarding kite or join the ride

Enjoy kiting at lake Garda with your own or our equipment.

For our rental equipment we have the 2018 North Neo, 2018 North Vegas, 2018 North Evo, 2018 North Rebel, 2018 North Dice and 2018 North Juice. Also our rental boards are from North: Team Series, Jamie, Gambler, X-Ride, Select and Spike. We have board with S/M straps for the small feet and L/XL straps for the big feet.

  Rental Rental Supervision lift lift Supervision lift + go-joe or board
1 session 70,- 90,- 35,- 50,- 40,-
2 sessions 130,- 170,- 65,- 95,- 75,-
3 sessions 190,- 250,- 95,- 140,- 110,-
4 sessions,- 250,- 330,- 125,- 185,- 145,-
5 sessions 305,- 400,- 155,- 225,- 180,-
10 sessions 600,- 700,- 300,- 450,- 340,-
20 sessions 1000,- 1200,- 570,- 770,- 635,-


  • when you have an un supervised lift you must be able to ride upwind and you are obligated to take your phone in an aquapac with you. Aquapacs are sold in the school.
  • Insurance is included. Insurances covers damages to the equipment, it doesn’t cover loosing equipment.
  • Rental includes: kite, board, go-joe, harness, wetsuit and the lift service. It does not included an aquapac.
  • If you insist on using your own equipment insurance you can. 1 session is 5 euro discount, 5 sessions is 10 euro discount, 10 sessions is 15 euro discount. If you break they equipment, you buy the equipment and sort out the rest with your insurance company.
  • Our insurance is only for the equipment of Wind Riders. Not for personal damages or personal equipment damages.
Preparing the kitesurfing boats to go out for a session on Lake Garda

Preparing the kitesurfing boats to go out for a session on Lake Garda

NOTE: If you have never kited before without board leash and you’ve not learned how to bodydrag back to your board, you will probably need a lesson.

Only if you can ride and bodydrag upwind, you can rent equipment from Wind Riders. If you only ride downwind you need to take one lesson to learn how to ride up.


We also have a photo shoot service! If you want to have some greats shots of yourself kiting follow this link to get all the info you need!

Boat launching with Mika

Boat launching with Mika

Instructor Kara enjoying a ride on the morning Peler

Instructor Kara enjoying a ride on the morning Peler


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