Learn to Kitesurf / Kiteboard at Lake Garda

Take our kitesurf lessons and learn to kitesurf between the steep mountains of the beautiful lake Garda

Kitesurfing is the newest trend in watersports on Lake Garda! You might have already seen the kitesurfers with their colourful kites on the lakes or seas around the world. And now you are wondering if YOU would like it? Are you up for a challenge with lots of fun, action, adrenalin? You want to discover the beauty of Lake Garda from the water? Then you should definitely try out kitesurfing. Our test package is the way to discover this sport.

You will start by learning how to control the kite. And after the full basic course you are riding in both directions! If you already are a kitesurfer, you can join the ride and let us bring you with our boats to the spot with the best wind on the lake! Use your own equipment or any of the latest boards and kites of Wind Riders. Check out the GEAR pages for equipment info.

Wind Riders Kitesurfing Limone focusses on progress and safety. Read HERE what makes our kite school different.

Prices: (in euro’s per person)

Package Private Pair 3 students 4 students
Test 190 150 110 100
1 day 200 160 120 110
2 day 400 320 230 220
3 day 600 450 330 310
4 day 750* 560 415 375
5 day* 900 675* 500* 450
6 day 1050 785 585 525
7 day 1200 900 670 600

* quality is garanteed, if you do not reach the level of consistant downwind riding, you get more lessons for free.

For each day course you get one 3h water session, the first day inkl. 1h theory at the beach.

FairPlay: In case of you couldn’t finish your course (bad weather, illness), we always offer you a voucher! 

rules: In the boat there can be in addition to the student and the instructor a lifter, maximum 1. For example if you book private lessons. There can be one other kitesurfer who joins in the boat, gets launched and landed but does not take any of your instructors time.

An other example. You book a 4 people group lessons. Sometimes you will be the only student but than we can have up to 4 lifters joining. Only in our biggest boat we can have maximum 6 kiters. In the smallest boat we can have max 4 kiters.

In total with our 4 boats, instructors, assistants and lots of the newest equipment we are prepared for maximum 19 kitesurfer at the time (if which maximum 16 students).

We want you to become an indepent kitesurfer. Independent means that you know everything about safety, evaluating the weather/ water conditions, setting up your kite-set, crashing and restarting your kite, downwind and upwind bodydragging (very important to get back to your board!!!), upwind bodydragging with the board in your hands, (important to reach an upwind point) waterstarting, consistent downwind riding and changing your direction. With this level you can continue kitesurfing safely by yourself. But this is of course the minimum. Upwind riding and turning will give you the ultimate kite-feeling.

With our 5-day course we guarantee that you reach the level of independence. If you do not reach it, you get more lessons for free until you reach it.

Click here to read our lesson plan so that you know what you can expect to learn and which IKO qualification to reach.

We can guarantee our quality-Lessons thanks to the perfect conditions on Lake Garda. You have all the space you need to learn. Kilometers of bodydragging to really get the kite control is what you do during your first lesson. IKO qualified instructors and assitants are teaching in a personal and professional way. Our BEST kites are super easy to relaunch and stable to keep in the air. We have boards and kites in all sizes: For children, teenagers and adults. (over 20 boards and over 30 kites avaliable). You always have your own board and own kite in the water. So a group lesson of (max.) 4 students means: 4 students, 4 kites, 4 boards, 1 instructor, 1 assitant and 1 boat. Thanks to our professional didactical approach you will always know what to do and what your exercize is. With the boat our instructors are flexible to come to you as soon as he sees you need some advice or a next exercise. And with the radiohelmets he can also comminicate with you when he is more far away. This makes you progress as fast as your own capabilities allow you. No group is slowing you down. The assitant and instructor are both waterproof. The instructor will go in/on the water to show you what to do. The assistant will join you in the water with your first bodydrag to coach or comfort you. Any one can learn to kitesurf! Note if the conditions are more difficult because of students who need more close supervision or the wind is very light and all students need more attention to learn the right technique than we do not launch 4 kites but we rotate with 2.

Maybe you’ve started kitesurfing some time ago at another school. Tell us your level and we can tell you how we’ll continue your learning-process. After the lesons you can RENT, TEST or BUY a kite and join the ride. It’s our passion to teach kitesurfing! We are looking forward to your joining the experience of kitesurfing with us!