During this course you learn how to drive a boat, park a boat in different conditions, how to do a man in the water rescue, how to anker a boat, how to make good sailer knots, how to prepare your boat for a trip. Beside these practical things you also simulate emergencies. How to use the set of flares and where to find the fire extinguisher in your boat. There is also a theory part about buoys (markers on the water), rules on the water, how the tides work, how to set a course, how to use a gps and lots more.  Read here what Steven has to say about the RYA powerboat course.

RYA powerboat courses are primarily for those using small powered craft such as RIBs, dories and sportsboats that don’t generally undertake long or offshore passages. The types of commercial craft requiring this level certification are typically: charter fishing boats, small passenger launches, thrill ride operators, harbour patrol launches, construction site safety boats etc.

Who can do the course? Anyone who is interested in having his RYA diploma. We organize this course anytime of the year on request. Maybe you would like to rent a powerboat during your holiday, buy your own boat or want to become an IKO kite instructor. If any of those things are true for you then this is the course you need to take.


This 2 day course costs 300 euro.

To sign up contact us.

Pre-course experience None. May be preceded by Level 1
Assumed Knowledge None
Course content All you need to know for self-sufficient powerboating at a basic level. Course includes launching, mooring, anchoring and recovery plus all the boat driving skills required for basic competence in a powerboat
Ability after course Self-sufficient powerboater in the right conditions, aware of own limitations and those of craft
Minimum duration 2 day course or shorter assessment for experienced drivers (half to one day).
Minimum age For the Level 2 course the minimum age is 12, but a commercial endorsement cannot be obtained until the age of 17