Kitecamps and kite weekends

Coaching kite weekends and kitecamps for experienced kitesurfers who want to improve their skills get some good action shots and have fun with other kiters.


We often get the question. Can I learn how to jump, can you give me some small advice about this trick. Can you show me how to do a backroll? The answer is YES, of course we can.  They only problem is that having someone learning kiteloops doesn’t match perfectly in a group of complete beginners. You learn the most if you are in a group of the more or less the same level. If all the group members are at least riding upwind the instructor can spend 100% off the time teaching, demostrating and coaching . Now that is what you want when you are an experienced kitesurfer.

mika kitesurf lake garda

mika kitesurf lake garda

To fullfill this need we have designed our pro weekends. Join a weekend at Wind Riders. You will get advanced coaching with the help of radio helmets and video camera. You will progress with your tricks, plus you will get some nice pictures/ footage of the weekend. Beside the water sessions we have clinics on different kite topics: The weather, safety, kite repair, trick visualisation and lots more. Every day there is also one other acitvity: Yoga, wakeboarding, Stand-up paddle boarding or hiking with the group. Saturday afternoon an aperitif at the Cherenguito beachbar, followed by Pizza for dinner and a fun evening out. (Though not until too late because the next day with the Peler we are heading out on the water again to practise the tricks in some stronger winds!)

The weekends include accomodation ( in the cold months bed and breakfast, in the warm months a place on the campside), 2 kitesurf sessions, 2 kite clinics, 2 out door acitvities, 1 dinner. Price: 150 euro if you have your own equipment and 200 euro if you use ours.

mika kiteloop

We have a pro weekend every month.

Just like for the girls we are also organizing pro camps;

f16 unhooked kiteloop

f16 unhooked kiteloop

These camps and events are great for advanced kitesurfers. You get to know some others to hang out with, we are organising some great activities and kiting with other kiters of your level will help you progress a lot! These camps are also open for complete beginner kitesurfers. We will make level groups per boat.

Every first weekend of the month is a pro coaching weekend. Sign up now for the 2015 events! the 2015 camps: 19/25 July Camp, 9/15  August Camp, 23/29 girls only August Camp” ”


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