Kitesurf Camps with Wind Riders

Here you will find all the different types of camps that Wind Riders is offering through the season 2015.

WIND RIDERS Kitesurf Camps Lake Garda

Our kitesurf camp are full with kitesurfing, kitesurf clinics, outdoor activities and Italian lifestyle.

We have 3 different levels groups:

Complete beginners and beginners: 725,- euro

This group is for people who have no kitesurf experience or kitesurf experience but are not yet consistant riding downwind. Kitesurf equipment is included.

Small groups (maximum 3 students per boat)

Intermediate kitesurfers: 600,- euro

This group is for kiters who can already consistant ride downwind but are not yet able to ride upwind in all conditions.

Small groups (maximum 4 kiters per boat) Kitesurf equipment is excluded. With equipment includede the price is 650,-

Advanced kitesurfers: 500,- euro

This group is for kiters who can already consistant ride upwind.  learning to ride  switch and perform a basic jump and come with their own equipment. If you do not bring your own equipment you pay 100 euro. If you bring your own, bring your full quiver: 7,9,13 meter are recommended.

Big coaching group (max 6 kiters per boat).

Sunday is arrival day and at 5 pm you are expected at the kitesurf school to drop off your equipment and to finish the paperwork. If you want to arrive early and also kite earlier just send a message and we can organize if for you.

Saturday morning you still have a kitesurf session and than a last lunch together. So you can expect to leave around 14 pm. If you want to leave later and also kite more, just send a message and we organize it for you.

Monday/ Friday: Everyday includes: A kitesurf session, a clinic (safety, weather, kite repair, tricks, kite knowledge), and an outdoor activity (SUP, Wakeboard, mountainbike, Yoga, hike, Slack line or Volleybal)

Included in the prize:

Campsite, welcome dinner, goodbye lunch, Wind Riders T-shirt, kitesurf sessions and activities as written above.

Not included in the prize:

Your tent and sleeping gear. (if you want to use a WindRiders tent and sleeping gear it is 25 euro per person)

If your level is lower in reality that how you remembered it to be then we move you down a group. If your level is higher and you know it before the first kite session then we move you up a group. This can for example happen if you did some kitesurfing between booking this camp and going to the camp.

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