Equipment selling !

October 8, 2015 | Category: Uncategorized

Like every year we are going to sell our kite equipment. 2015 North kites and Best kites. You can choose between our different types Juice, Neo, Evo, Vegas or Rebel also Kahoona and Cabo. There is something for everyone. We have a huge range of different sizes.

Starter packages:

Starter package (used equipment): Kite (9,5 m Kahoona), Board, Wetsuit, Harness and life jacket for 1000,00 €.

Package for beginners: Kite (Juice 2015), Board, Bar, Go – Joe, Wetsuit, Harness, Life jacket (used equipment) for 1250,00 €.

If you interested in our equipment check our website:

Especially for beginners it´s not easy to find the right size for the kite. What is your level now? Which level would you like to reach? Where will you be mostly kiting? Are you going to kite in areas with light or with strong wind? If you need help to choose the right equipment and the right size you can just contact us. We will help you to find the right equipment for you.

Equipment selling

Equipment selling


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