Chi semina vento, raccoglie tempesta

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At last, I’ve finally made my way to Italy, and specially to Wind Riders ! Thoses first weeks were a bit loaded. We had to put some order in the school as we wanted everything to be ready for the easter week end, and at the same time, keep the business running with lessons and getting used to teaching techniques and habits of the Wind Riders staff team. Happily Mika is here, and when it comes to train people, things are moving fast. Shortly, after an intensive training week, made of buckets and lines problems, here I am, in the middle of the lake, teaching and offering others services.

As for the weather, and lake temperature, here is a good clue :


The best part in this, is that the lake temperature is not even super cold ! I’ve been expecting to come back to the harbour a bit like the Jack guy from Titanic after every session – by the way, Rose, there was enough space on this wood plank for two people ! Well, of course the semi dry 5mm suit, boots and gloves are your most useful allies for fighting cold, but they are efficient enough for having a nice time on the lake. For wind conditions, let’s keep it simple : morning wind is from the north, a bit strong which is a big help to learn jump, or sky-rocket yourself in some huge kiteloops. Afternoons are ruled by southern wind, ideal wind for your first waterstart, or for thoses who can handle it, try to handle pass.


A few words on Limone and the lake itself. Riding on the lake is a pleasure itself. Surroundings are astonishing with mountains around and cliffs dropping into the lake. Limone offers a large range of place to eat where food is cheap but tasty. Wandering in Limone is a must, on foot or your bicycle without forgetting your usual italian ice cream at the end of the day. For nightlife, I’m counting on a night session, by the moonlight maybe ? I’m ending this entry by two pictures, guess who’s who.





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