Check out our new ride: The 5.2 m, 50 hp super Rib!

October 27, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Thanks to a partly sponsership from Dolphin Maritime Netherlands we have a second boat.

It’s a lot bigger, a lot faster and very blue. This boat still needs a name. (the other boats name is: “la Barca”) If you know a good name let us know.. and maybe the boat will carry that name and you will join the ride (get a lift) for free!

We will still use the other boat most of all for lessons and this one is going to do the rental and lifts.

Soon we will also introduce you to our new instructor (99% sure who it’s going to be)  and new assistent: Rintsje!

Than the compressor issue. I personally don’t see the problem in pumping up your own kite. But you can try to give some points for a compressor. If the points are good.. I’ll think about it 😛


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