Internship in Lake Garda at Wind Riders school

October 13, 2017 | Category: Student blogs

Hello! We are Elly, Iris and Wendy, 19 years old students of the Wellness and Lifestyle Education, in Den-Bosch. We all come from the south of the Netherlands. We are in Limone sul Garda for our internship in Lake Garda. Happy to be member of the 2017 Wind Riders Team till the end of October 🙂 We have chosen Wind Riders School, also called Limone Watersports to spend our summer time at the awesome spot of Lake Garda with great wind in the morning and afternoon, sweet water, nice weather and good food . A magic place that offers also many activities as mountain bike, canyoning, climbing, hiking & paragliding.

Wind Riders Kiteschool in Lake Garda

When we arrived here we have been warmly welcomed, with prosecco at the station, from Robbie, Monica and Team Wind Riders. and the same evening we discovered that in Limone there was the yellow night, a special event  that is only once a year with music and fireworks . We went by boat with also some guest to watch fireworks from the water, it was a very special and above all a beautiful experience. 

Fireworks in Lake Garda

The first day of our internship at the beach:

We started early morning in our new Wind Riders clothes. All looking the same color, very nice and fashion, and of course with our smiling, to welcome all the clients of different nationality. Specially from German, Austrian , Swiss but also English…and Dutch :).  

We had sun and 30 degree so a lot of people ask to rent stand up paddle board. 

We were  assistant when the the boats came back from the  kite sessions  and take care about the organisation, the stuff, and the equipment: kite, boards,  wetsuits, harness and radiohelmet… 

but we went also to do our first kite surf experience. Even if it was the first time for us, the kite was fly in the amazing area between beautiful mountain. We finish with  wakeboarding , after a few mistakes everyone could stand on the board and riding. 

Kitesurf Lesson Lake Garda

Elly, Iris and Wendy internship in Lake Garda


So we are looking forward to become Kite instructors 🙂

Ciao Ciao, We hope to see you soon, Come in Limone and visit us!  


Elly, Wendy & Iris



2 days of lessons and kitesurfing upwind!

April 26, 2013 | Category: Student blogs

Written by Marco:

Today, in just two days of private lessons with Windriders (I’ve never been kiting before), I was perfectly able to kite in both directions! We flow the kite at point A and landed it at point B. Thanks to radio helmets I was always in contact with Wiwi, who was thus able to correct my mistakes while I was kiting.

The session lasted around two hours, as long as the wind was blowing.

I was expecting to learn fast as I chosed to apply for private lessons but I wasn’t expecting at all such a fast learning.


Below you see the track of what he kited. He started on the upwind border. But a some tacks and ended up downwind in front of Capo Reamol. The boat brought him back and there he went again. The next time infront of hotel Capo Reamol the wind stops and we drove back to the center.

track of kitesurf lesson with wind Riders