The most spectacular cycle path in Europe

October 24, 2017 | Category: Mountainbike

Hello everybody, 

We have a very nice surprise for you. Next season there will be a really beautiful cycle path suspended from the rock surrounding the Lake with amazing and unrivaled panoramic views, the most spectacular in Europe.

This is very special because you are not next to a main street so it is very safe, peaceful and you can really enjoy the perspective and take unique pictures. There are no motors, only E-bikes, bikes, mountain bikes and  you can go also walking to enjoy all the details of the environment  

Cycle path from Riva to Limone

Cycle path from Limone to Riva

So if you’re with anyone who wants to go kitesurfing but you don’t, you can go walking to there and look to the kite session from this beautiful spot or….. You can rent an E-bike with us. Next season we’re going to start a bicycle rental with E-bikes, so you can go on an E-bike from us to explore the whole Garda Lake.

From this cycle path you can admire the watersports; sailing, windsurf and specially kitesurf. So if you’re a girlfriend, wife or just a friend and you don’t believe that your partner is riding on the board 🙂 just walk to there and be the spectator of the kite session. Close to the Trentino line there is the best wind of Lake Garda in the morning, with the peler, but also in the afternoon with the Ora. You can take some nice videos and pictures.

They started in Limone with building the cycle path.

This part leads from Capo Reamol in Limone sul Garda, on the western side of Lake Garda, to the Trentino’s border, towards Riva del Garda, on the north side. It’s almost 2 km long and offers many cyclists breathtaking surrounding scenery. This cycle path should be completed in April 2018. The other part from the cycle path is completed in 2021 and in total it will be 190 km long and also involves 3 regions; Lombardy, Trentino, Veneto.

Before and After


Every time we’re on the water for the kite session we can see them building the new cycle path. We also see a helicopter working on it. They have build lanterns on the whole path, so it’s very beautiful in the night.

View from the Wind Riders boat

A men is working at the new cycle path

Work in progress new cycle path Limone

The project, which has cost 7.6 million (!!) euros, will definitely be an attraction for people who love to cycle and already arrive on the shore of the lake and dream of a beautiful route around Lake Garda.

The cycle path become real

We’re looking forward ride the bicycle with you along this beautiful new path, but of course also to do kitesurf with you!

Kitesurfing Lake Garda

Kitesurf & Mountainbike holiday at Limone, Lake Garda

June 22, 2015 | Category: Mountainbike, Uncategorized


As most of you know Lake Garda is a mountain lake. Located in the North of Italy between the mountains south of the Dolomites. These impressive mountains attract mountain lovers from all over the world. The free climbers go to Arco. (just a 30 min drive by car or 1h bike ride from Limone ), The paragliders go to the Monte Baldo (30 min ferry from Limone centro plus 30 min cable ride) and the mountainbikers go everywhere! Riva and Torbole might be most famous for mountainbiking but if you want to do a combination between kiting and mountainbiking then you need to come more south. for the reason that kitesurfing is not allowed in the north part (the province Trentino) of Lake Garda. Limone is most Northern city where you can kitesurf and where we have some great mountainbike routes.


Mountainbiking from Limone sul Garda

Mountainbiking from Limone sul Garda

Limone is spread out along the shore line. (It only goes a little uphill because soon the mountains get to steep to build on). To get around in Limone a Mountain bike is a must. It is beautiful to stay on the campside or a hotel on the Lake. But for the people with a lower budget or who want an apartment in a more quiet area, the mountainbike is the nr one transportion. Biking uphill in the lowest gear, and racing down with zero afford to make it at 6:45 am at the Wind Riders kitesurf school for your morning kite session.

With stronger winds in the morning, our power boats will take you right to the spot where the wind is blowing the best so you can enjoy an unforgettable session. If you don´t want to carry your own gear, no worries, we rent at the school the latest North kites and boards, so if you have been wanting to test a different kite from yours, this is a great chance.

You don´t know how to kitesurf? No problem! We have the latest and best beginners gear to teach you how to do it. With the use of power boats and radio helmets you will be surprised how quickly you are riding amongst the others. And you can even chose which school you want to start from as we have two settings in Limone, one southern and one on the north side of the village just to make your life easier.

Our qualified Iko instructors will make the most of your kitesurfing experience.

where the reflector jacket provided by your bike if you take tunnel.

where the reflector jacket provided by your bike if you take tunnel.

An stunning set of mountains allow you to start your trail right from the village. It is the perfect activity after a great kitesurfing session. You bike uphill and have a well deserved aperitif. Click here for the map and mountainbike routes of Limone. A short 30 min bike ride takes you up to Voltino. A 1,5 h mountainbike trip takes you through a canyon and around the tremosine valley. From Tremosine there´s a whole mountain up there so go find your unbitten path.

At the Wind Riders school you can rent your bike from as low as 25 €/week or 50€/ with suspension.

2015 October offer: for 2 people

one week on the campside, 5 lessons and a mountainbike with suspension for a week: 595 euro!

If you would like us to help you arrange your perfect holiday get in touch with as on or call us on +393488975467