Close to our main kitesurf school you find 2 campsides.

Camping Nanzel 3 min walking south of us.

Great camp spot near the Lake

Camping Garda (3 min walking north of us)

Great beach spot at camping Garda

Camping Nanzel is a small family run camping. The camp side are located on olive tree terrasses. Creating unique hammocks chill places. It has a little super market and bar where you can eat basic meals. Besides camping it offers basics bungalows for rent. The little beach and dive off jetty offer plenty of possibility’s for enjoying Lake Garda. It’s campsides are small and if you have a mega camper, you are bettter off going to Garda.

Camping Garda is the biggest camping of Limone. It has a swimming pool and a big pizzeria. It offers large and small campsides. Besides camping you can also rent new (2 years old) bungalows. They accomodate up to 8 people.
For swimming you leave the camping and go to the Wind Riders beach to jump in the lake.

Camping in Limone is fun, safe and easy.

To make it even easier, Wind Riders is offer camping set including: Tent, air-mattress , pillow, blanket, sheets. 1 night: 10 euro, 1 week 25 euro. Prices are per person, excluding camping charges.
Option: bicycle.
Not available: cooking equipment (You are in Italy, better to enjoy the affordable food outdoors made by the chefs)