Aboards is going to provided Wind Riders with the latest 2010 boards.

October 27, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

We were very happy with the boards we used this year so we are going to continue our cooperation with Aboards.

They have improved there line up. The beginners boards are looking awesome! Even bigger en lichter and better than the Gliders of 2009. When I close my eyes I can already see my beginners riding there first meters and ripping the waves of lake garda with theese boards.

I think the Glider got the most changes. The other boards just got some small changes. But they where good so no need to changes a good product to much:)


The boards have some very interesting techniques. To check it for some pre fun: www.aboards.eu and next summer you are all offcourse welcome to test them at our base.


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