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November 21, 2018 | Category: Uncategorized

Shop now for Black Friday  2018 deals on!

As every year we are going to sell our kite surf equipment. In the used kite you get -10%!


You can buy kites 2018 North Brand, at a very special price. The kites are in red colour, usually we sell the kite with their bars (North bars 2018), 22m, 24m or 27 m, according to the kite size if 4 or 5 lines and also we have the Click Bar Quad Control with 5th Element upgrade Kit 

You can choose between our different model and size:

  • Juice 15, Juice 17
  • Neo 9, Neo 12
  • Evo 7, Evo 8, Evo 9, Evo 10, Evo11, Evo 12, Evo 14
  • Dice 7, Dice 8, Dice 9, Dice 10, Dice 11, Dice 12, Dice 13
  • Rebel 7, Rebel 11, Rebel 12, Rebel 13, Rebel 14, Rebel 15

All our kites have only been used in lake water and are very well looked after 🙂 But we also have  brand new Kites Vegas 14.5 new 2018 at 1195 euro 

Dice 7 2017 at 559 euro 

Furthermore you can find North Boards of different years ( 2015-2018 ) for advanced or beginners, like:

  • Team Series
  • Team Series Hadlow
  • Gambler
  • Jaime Textreme
  • X-ride 
  • Select 


There is something for everyone. We have a huge range of different sizes, so if you are interest you can take a look on our website:

We sell: 

wetsuit, harness, impact vests, neoprene hoodies, shoes and apparel… . 

Especially for beginners it’s not easy to find the right size for the kite. What is your level now? Which level would you like to reach? Where will you be mostly kiting? Are you going to kite in areas with light or with strong wind? If you need to help to choose the right equipment and the right size you can just contact us. We will help you to find the right equipment for you.

We will also be able to make package deals, so if you need all the equipment you will get a good price for everything.

If we are not already a friend, here the link to follow our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM  there you will be always informed  about news regarding kites and more. 

Thank you for your attention! We wait you of course for shopping, but especially relevant join the ride with us !

We will open again in March 2019! contact us to book  your kitesurfing holiday we make a nice price for early bookings

ciao from Limone sul Garda

Monica, Robbie, Jan, & Nicoletta Team Wind Riders

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