The most spectacular cycle path in Europe

October 24, 2017 | Category: Mountainbike

Hello everybody, 

We have a very nice surprise for you. Next season there will be a really beautiful cycle path suspended from the rock surrounding the Lake with amazing and unrivaled panoramic views, the most spectacular in Europe.

This is very special because you are not next to a main street so it is very safe, peaceful and you can really enjoy the perspective and take unique pictures. There are no motors, only E-bikes, bikes, mountain bikes and  you can go also walking to enjoy all the details of the environment  

Cycle path from Riva to Limone

Cycle path from Limone to Riva

So if you’re with anyone who wants to go kitesurfing but you don’t, you can go walking to there and look to the kite session from this beautiful spot or….. You can rent an E-bike with us. Next season we’re going to start a bicycle rental with E-bikes, so you can go on an E-bike from us to explore the whole Garda Lake.

From this cycle path you can admire the watersports; sailing, windsurf and specially kitesurf. So if you’re a girlfriend, wife or just a friend and you don’t believe that your partner is riding on the board 🙂 just walk to there and be the spectator of the kite session. Close to the Trentino line there is the best wind of Lake Garda in the morning, with the peler, but also in the afternoon with the Ora. You can take some nice videos and pictures.

They started in Limone with building the cycle path.

This part leads from Capo Reamol in Limone sul Garda, on the western side of Lake Garda, to the Trentino’s border, towards Riva del Garda, on the north side. It’s almost 2 km long and offers many cyclists breathtaking surrounding scenery. This cycle path should be completed in April 2018. The other part from the cycle path is completed in 2021 and in total it will be 190 km long and also involves 3 regions; Lombardy, Trentino, Veneto.

Before and After


Every time we’re on the water for the kite session we can see them building the new cycle path. We also see a helicopter working on it. They have build lanterns on the whole path, so it’s very beautiful in the night.

View from the Wind Riders boat

A men is working at the new cycle path

Work in progress new cycle path Limone

The project, which has cost 7.6 million (!!) euros, will definitely be an attraction for people who love to cycle and already arrive on the shore of the lake and dream of a beautiful route around Lake Garda.

The cycle path become real

We’re looking forward ride the bicycle with you along this beautiful new path, but of course also to do kitesurf with you!

Kitesurfing Lake Garda

Internship in Lake Garda at Wind Riders school

October 13, 2017 | Category: Student blogs

Hello! We are Elly, Iris and Wendy, 19 years old students of the Wellness and Lifestyle Education, in Den-Bosch. We all come from the south of the Netherlands. We are in Limone sul Garda for our internship in Lake Garda. Happy to be member of the 2017 Wind Riders Team till the end of October 🙂 We have chosen Wind Riders School, also called Limone Watersports to spend our summer time at the awesome spot of Lake Garda with great wind in the morning and afternoon, sweet water, nice weather and good food . A magic place that offers also many activities as mountain bike, canyoning, climbing, hiking & paragliding.

Wind Riders Kiteschool in Lake Garda

When we arrived here we have been warmly welcomed, with prosecco at the station, from Robbie, Monica and Team Wind Riders. and the same evening we discovered that in Limone there was the yellow night, a special event  that is only once a year with music and fireworks . We went by boat with also some guest to watch fireworks from the water, it was a very special and above all a beautiful experience. 

Fireworks in Lake Garda

The first day of our internship at the beach:

We started early morning in our new Wind Riders clothes. All looking the same color, very nice and fashion, and of course with our smiling, to welcome all the clients of different nationality. Specially from German, Austrian , Swiss but also English…and Dutch :).  

We had sun and 30 degree so a lot of people ask to rent stand up paddle board. 

We were  assistant when the the boats came back from the  kite sessions  and take care about the organisation, the stuff, and the equipment: kite, boards,  wetsuits, harness and radiohelmet… 

but we went also to do our first kite surf experience. Even if it was the first time for us, the kite was fly in the amazing area between beautiful mountain. We finish with  wakeboarding , after a few mistakes everyone could stand on the board and riding. 

Kitesurf Lesson Lake Garda

Elly, Iris and Wendy internship in Lake Garda


So we are looking forward to become Kite instructors 🙂

Ciao Ciao, We hope to see you soon, Come in Limone and visit us!  


Elly, Wendy & Iris



Kite Surf Equipment Selling

October 12, 2017 | Category: sell equipment


As every year we are going to sell our kite surf equipment.

You can buy kites 2017 North Brand, at a very special price. The kites are in red colour, usually we sell the kite with their bars (North bars 2017), 22m, 24m or 27 m, according to the kite size if 4 or 5 lines and also we have th

e Click Bar Quad Control with 5th Element upgrade Kit 

You can choose between our different model and size:

  • Juice 15, Juice 18
  • Neo 7, Neo 9, Neo 12
  • Evo 6, Evo 9, Evo 10, Evo 12, Evo 14
  • Dice 6, Dice 7, Dice 8, Dice 9, Dice 10, Dice 11, Dic
    e 12, Dice 13
  • Rebel 6, Rebel 7, Rebel 8, Rebel 11, Rebel 12, Rebel 13, Rebel 14, Rebel 15, Rebel 16

All our kites have only been used in lake water and are very well looked after 🙂 But we also have  brand new Kites:

Furthermore you can find North Boards of different years ( 2015-2017 ) for advanced or beginners, like:

  • Team Series
  • Team Series Hadlow
  • Gambler
  • Jaime Textreme
  • X-ride 


There is something for everyone. We have a huge range of different sizes, so if you are interest you can take a look on our website:

We sell: 

wetsuit, harness, impact vests, neoprene hoodies, shoes and apparel… If you are curious go take a look for the NEW COLLECTION 2018. And also, in addition, we offer the possibility to buy GIFT  VOUCHERS. Consequently who will receive this present from you, will be free to choose what he likes. So why don’t you browse? 

Especially for beginners it’s not easy to find the right size for the kite. What is your level now? Which level would you like to reach? Where will you be mostly kiting? Are you going to kite in areas with light or with strong wind? If you need to help to choose the right equipment and the right size you can just contact us. We will help you to find the right equipment for you.

We will also be able to make package deals, so if you need all the equipment you will get a good price for everything.

If we are not already a friend, here the link to follow our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM  there you will be always informed  about news regarding kites and more. 

Thank you for your attention! We wait you of course for shopping, but especially relevant join the ride with us !

We are open until 6 November and we will open again in March 2018!

ciao ciao

Monica, Robbie, Jan & Team Wind Riders

Kite Surfing Lake Garda