Models for one day at the Wind Riders kite school

May 6, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Models for one day at the Wind Riders kite school, Limone Lake of Garda.

MAMBA BEACH kitesurf

While we were waiting for the afternoon Wind called “Ora” to start our kitesession we had a little photoshoot…

It all started out as fun.  How many photos or selfies do we make every day or every week? We send a photo to a friend, to a relative as a special way to show our mood in a little more original way then writing it. So why not show the new North collection with the logo of Wind Riders with some pictures? Exactly in the way that we use every day . So the photoshoot started and It’ has been a very fun experience. A smile is a simple thing but beautiful and has so much value. Everything looks more shining if there is one smile. A smile can not only bring something positive for a moment but can sometimes last forever. With our photos full of smiles we want to give you a moment of happiness and give you all the positive energy that the Garda Lake has.

Have a look at our photos

kitesurf instructors models new North T-shirts and new boards

kitesurf girls and kitesurf teacher with new North T-shirts with the logo WIND RIDERS KITE SCHOOL and new boards

kitesurf teachers/ models new North T-shirts in Limone/ Lake of Garda

Wind Riders kite school pictures models



kitesurf instructor models new North T-shirts

kitesurf girls and kitesurf teacher with new North clothes /WIND RIDERS KITESCHOOL PICTURES MODELS

We took the pictures at our kite centre, located at Limone between Camping Garda and the 2 fantastic bars: “ Mamba Beach” and “Cherenguito,” where the young people come for aperitivo spritz, to talk and have fun just hanging out sitting by the swimming pool watching the view of the Lake turn from green to blue. Wonderful colours just like our north t-shirts! Thanks a lot to all the friends kite instructor: Elena, Max, Simona & Bianca. Thanks to our manager instructor Robbie who has been our official photographer and director during this photoshoot. Not bad if somebody can teach you Kitesurf and also can make a professional photo, right?

See you soon in Limone,