super spring kitesession on the 2nd of April

April 8, 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

Nice spring afternoon kite session with a good ora blowing.

Yesterday we had a nice session. The ora blows when the temperature difference between day and night is big. Which happens at lake Garda from mid march until mid november. (the other months it stays sometimes to cold to get this temperature difference). We had 23 degrees and where kiting with 12 meter fully powered with our small freestyle boards.

Only one other kitesurf school was on the water and that is exacty the beauty of kiting in the spring on Lake Garda. You have the whole lake almost to yourself! We went out with 4 lifters. Me (Robbie) went out on the new North Hydrofoil, Monica was jumping around with North Soleil girls board and our two lifters kited with there own equipment. After the session we went to Mamba beach for a nice hot drink and enjoy the last sunshine of the day.

Do you want to have a great kitesession on an almost empty lake Garda? Then come kite with us in April. Are you scared of the cold? Even if you lift with your own equipment we give you a neo racer jacket to stay warm during the boat ride.


spring kitesurf session 2nd of April

spring kitesurf session 2nd of April


see you soon, Robbie