the 2015 north bar

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The 2015 north bar: 5 lines and quad set-up

The big new RIB needs a name.

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Hi Kiters,

Hereby I present: The new Huge Mega Monster RIB to reinforce the Wind Riders boat fleet.

This boat will be doing lift service. With a high pressure/ high speed compressor you will be launch in no time.

Did you miss the fix departing time? No problem from our location Villa Romantica and Capo Reamol you can get a lift any time during the day. (35 euro instead of the normal fixed time 30 euro lift). This Monster RIB will race up and down to pick you up within 5 minutes after your call.

So before you name this boat and win a free lift (on call) have a look at the details:

The engine: 115 high tex Honda

Better features. Better technology. Better boating.

Best in class displacement. NMEA 2000 certification. BLAST and Lean Burn Control for awesome performance and maximum fuel efficiency. An impressive 40 AMPs of charging power, plus variable speed trolling. And we’re just getting started.

When you’re out on the water, you want a reliable outboard that will take you places. And of course, Honda’s world famous quality is a no brainer in that department. But the BF115 is much more than that. It’s got better features and better, more advanced technology that make your boating experience that much better.

115 hp honda

Need more info on the 115 hp engine? you find it here:


This boat has loads of space. Loads of storage. Reinforcement and holding ropes all around wind.

Here some pictures of our newest boat: valiant_620_nauticabellandi Valiant-dr-620_bellandinautica

IMG_3601 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_4089 IMG_4090