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Three months have passed faster than I thought they would and I already have to pack my stuff and leave Lago di Garda. I would like to thank the whole team for big support, great atmosphere and all the times we went out together. You made my time here really worth spending and I’m really happy I decided to come here this summer.  I hope all my students enjoyed lessons with me as I enjoyed my work on the Lake! In my first post on this website I wrote I hoped that the Garda Lake would give me an opportunity to improve as a rider and as an instructor and I guess this actually happened.

Now I have some time to travel across Italy and afterwards I’m going back home to Poland for some time. Hope to see you all again!

Take care!


Paragliding on Monte Baldo

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This Wednesday was not an ordinary for a WindRiders team! They had an amazing time after a long day on the water. Paragliding was the best choice for a team activity, everybody were more than excited. We were so lucky, to have such nice weather conditions. Clear sky, sunny and beautiful view of Lake Garda.

A big thanks to our boss Mika!


WindRiders team 204 up on the top of Monte Baldo

Midway through KB4 girls Camp!

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All these days we had fun and productive kite lessons in the mornings and afternoons. When the wind was too weak for the kites, we have done some other activities.

After some sessions of wakeboarding, girls are able to stand up on a wakeboard and ride behind the boat. Other evening girls learned how to walk a slackline. While walking everything is about our balance. Girls improved a lot, after 1 hour of walking every girl was able to walk all the way across the slack line.

Mountain biking was fun too! Riding great tracks in beautiful locations up hill, stopping at nice place to have a drink and enjoy magnificent panorama view of Lake Garda.

Of course to help your mind focus and your body relax at the end of a long day, girls enjoyed yoga session.

Next time we are waiting for you!


KB4 girls Camp is coming soon!

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Girls kitesurf camp is already in the last week of August!  Do not miss the chance to try out kitesurfing with Wind Riders on the lake of Garda.

We still have some free places, take your friends and come!


KB4 girls Camp: 25/31 August 2014

As a highlight of all our KB4girls events we have our annual Girls Kitesurf Camp 25/ 31 august. This week has 7 kitesurf lessons/ coaching sessions,and 7 other activities (hiking, wakeboarding, slack lining, yoga, mountain biking, volleyball and SUP).

Like previous years, all the girls will be camping at the camping spot right next to the kiteschool. This camp is a great way to start kitesurfing or also to progress if you already kite!. Fun is guaranteed!

The beginners price for the camp is 625 euros. This includes kiting lessons everyday (including equipment and equipment insurance),  a kite clinic everyday and one other activity ( a hiking trip, a boat excursion,  yoga, volleyball, photoshoot… etc ) and Camping. (Careful though, your tent is not included!!)

For intermediate riders the price is 500 euro. You must be able to consistently ride upwind. You will learn your first jumps and different transitions. The first 4 days are lessons in small groups. The other days are more coaching days in bigger groups. (If you don’t bring your own equipment and want our amazing kites then the price is 600 euro.)

The advanced rider’s price for the camp is 425 euro. Advanced means that you are already jumping consistently and so during this week you would learn unhooked tricks and kiteloops. The price includes a coaching session everyday, a kite clinic, an other daily activity and the camping. If you do not bring your own equipment then the price is 525 euro.

NB: When you rent our beautiful equipment you always have the right size kite to use as we can choose the best one for you and you don’t have to pay for extra luggage at the airport which can sometimes be a lot! You also don’t have to try and carry it in taxis or on buses or any fun things like that…

The age of girls is in general between 18 to 50.


Girls on the boat

A shot of the girls from the 2011 Wind Riders Girls Camp!


Ieva – kite assistant

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I   have been kiteboarding now for 2 years. I started my passion for water sports with sailing when I was 1 year old or even younger. Most of my younger days were spent on our family yacht. Under such a way of activities I was participating in local optimist and radial class competitions in Lithuania. IMG_5254

Later I switched my hobby to skiing, became a professional athlete in Lithuania national team and by the time I was not able to ski professionally I realized I had a lot of knowledge to offer other skiers, so I became a ski instructor. At the same time I started a bachelor degree of Civil engineering in Lithuania. While I have been spending all my time at the university or mountains I realized that I enjoy this way of life, study and work, which is a delight for me.

As I mentioned before, 2 seasons ago I have tried kitesurfing as well. First lessons went perfect, I have learned kitesurfing at the Baltic seaside. From that time I was kitesurfing every summer weekend or work day when the wind was blowing even knowing the fact that kitesurfing spot is about 350km away from Vilnius, from the place where I live.

During my last winter spent in Madonna di Campiglio resort while working I thought that would be nice to work in a kite school or start a kite assistant course for this summer. Because I already had a plan to come in Italy for an Erasmus exchange program this autumn. While searching for some schools in the internet near Lago di Garda, I have visited Wind Riders website. They were looking for an assistant for a some time. I contacted them and after few steps I was in, already packing my stuff and looking forward for a perfect one month to spend with Wind Riders team. Here, at Lago di Garda, I hope so to gain more experience in teaching others, expand my skills in kitesurfing as well as learn more tricks by myself.