Kites for sale!

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Like every season we have some used equipment for sale. We offer plenty of 2013 Best Kahoonas (sizes from 3.5 to 13.5) and many other Best and North kites. Apart from that we offer harnesses, bars, Go Joes, impact vests and many other new as well as used products.

Check out our offer here and  don’t hestitate to contact us if you have any questions! We also offer packages of kitesurfing gear. For example beginner package (big board + Kahoona with a bar + seat harness, + optional lifejacket or impact vest + optional Go Joe + optional wetsuit) or pro package (smaller board + Vegas with a bar + waist harness + optional lifejacket or impact vest + Go Joe + wetsuit). You can mix the items between the packages and create your own, specific one which would fully fit your expectations.  Don’t hestitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can also help you with creating a perfectly adapted package for you!

Best Kahoona V5 7,5 purple, green, red


Beginner package

Beginner package

The last week of June

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After the previous week of heats a bit colder air came over the Garda Lake this time but it was still round 25 degrees every day. We had also some rain this week but what’s the most important – lots of wind so teaching went very well.

10360785_10152199874777934_6858981655862253926_n 10463062_10152199874542934_8400444126556138485_n 10482820_10152199874762934_6038117362206973184_n 10502241_10152199874782934_5874476371961184308_n 

Looking forward to the next windy week!

New to the team, Magic

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Well, actually my real name is Maciek but no one can pronounce it here in the proper polish way so I started to introduce myself as Magic right from the begining. I arrived to Limone two weeks ago and honestly I’m still stunned by the location. I love water and the mountains equal and here I have both these things! I started just like the other team members – with one-week training to figure out the special teaching techniques which are necessary when teaching from the boat.386800_411587552242583_1490946168_nme at my homespot

In the real world I live in the northern Poland by the Baltic Sea. Not bad location for kitesurfing which is pretty popular in my country. The main problem is the wind though, which is more unpredictable and not that stable like this one at Garda Lake.

I finished my highschool in May and I’m planning to go to the university in October. All my life I’ve been living in the sea side so choosing watersports was quite natural for me. I’ve been sailing since I was 9 but two years ago I switched the sport to kitesurfing. That year I also got my first job as an instructor on my homespot. The year after I became an IKO instructor and now I’m an instructor level 2. Maybe I’ll manage to become an examiner one day.

raileyquite high railey

These days I’m totally dedicated to unhooked riding (the plan is to land my first blind judge to the end of the season). I hope that Garda Lake will give me an opportunity to improve my skills as a rider and as an instructor as well. So far looks like it will!

An evening boat trip to Isola del Garda

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Procoaching weekend on the 7th and 8th

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This past weekend the 7th and 8th we had a pro coaching weekend which was very successful;  the students all progressed nicely with what they were learning, such as unhooked backrolls, unhooked raileys, kiteloops, downloop-transitions, front rolls and double back rolls!

back roll

back roll

KITELOOP! dont stop pulling on the back hand till the kite has looped...

KITELOOP! dont stop pulling on the back hand till the kite has looped…

On Saturday evening everyone went  a clinic where we learnt about safety while kiting and various first aid topics related to kitesurfing and the different kinds of animals we could come across in different countries.

start off small, slowly get bigger.

start off small, slowly get bigger.

toeside riding

toeside riding

Where's the board??

Where’s the board??

After the clinic we all went to AlTorcol pizzeria where we all talked about what had been learnt both on the water and at the clinic, there were a lot of jokes about each other’s crashes and we all ate a lot of REALLY good pizza.

June has started :)

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Hey Guys

Its already June, the season is on and ist getting busier and busier 😉 Known and unknown

faces finding their way to our center and with a lot of wind and nice weather there are many

happy students!! Absoulutely what we like to see!! A lot of students the last weeks, beginners

or advanced everybody enjoyed the lessons. Super fun to see them improving until the ride

their first meters or landing their first jumps. For the days with a bit less wind we were flying

the 17 m Dino or some kids were kiting normally;)

The lake gets warmer and more and more people find their way here!

Every morning Capo Reamol shows us its beauty, when the sun comes over the mountaintops

and the students race downwind towards Limone! Jealous? Then come and join us! Book a lift

or a lesson

. — Also check our Eventpage —

there might be some interesting weekends for you!!

GIRLS check out the latest infos about the Girlsweekend or safe the date of our Girlscamp

25-31 of August!!

This year we got another school at Villa Romantica wich all of you should try!

Nicely surrounded by lemontree gardens the school is placed directly at the lake some

minutes walking to Limone center!! I can just advise you to have a look !!

Maybe also check on the moon so that you don’t miss the next amazing full moon SUP


We hope to see you soon at Limone to catch the wind with us and have a great time on the

water !!