Daily kitesurf news on Lake Garda

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Daily kitesurf news on Lake Garda

Presented to you by Wind Riders.

Read here how the wind was, what the students learned if have any special events coming up. What the Wind Riders instructors are up to and what’s new.

Today’s wind forecast on Lake Garda

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If it is above 20% than we have wind at kitespot Capo Reamol 🙂

Stand Up Paddling

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We have stared stand up paddling already and it has gotten off to an excellent start! so far we have had a few tours including a Full moon tour.

The full moon tours are incredible because not only do we have the most flat water at night but the bright light from the moon and stars.

setting out

setting out

We also have LED lights which we attach to the bottom of each sup boards, they can change colour and look really nice.

you can see how they are underneath the board

you can see how the lights are underneath the board

close up

close up

3 bright colours under each board

3 bright colours under each board

We will be doing a full moon tour each month, they will be 1.5 hours long and cost 25€, all you need to sign up is some prior experience which you can also get with us as we have SUP intro courses.

This is an amazing experience and is very peaceful as the lake is completely flat at night!


The dates for the next full moons are:

Thursday, 12th June, moon rise: 20:17
Friday, 11th July, moon rise: 19:57
Sunday, 10th August, moon rise: 20:04
Monday, 8th September, moon rise: 19:10
Tuesday, 7th October, moon rises: 18:12


New in the Team – Christian G.

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Hallo, my name is Christian, since first of April I am happy to be a member of the 2014 Wind Riders Team.

Chrsitian G close up

I want to introduce myself in the matter of my former kite-history. I started in the autumn of 2006 on the wonderful island Sylt, where I was living in that time.

Kiten Ellenbogen 11-06

After a not very successful beginner course, I took for another 2 weeks a private instructor with my new own equipment. But it still didn´t really worked. Because it became colder and colder in Germany, I made 2 month holidays in Egypt / Elgouna (originally I planned 2 weeks, but then I stayed longer).


Luckily I got another Kite (Naish Torch) in my hands – and surprisingly it worked. Good that I found a reason, why it didn´t worked before 😉   –    it was the material    😉  And from now on I had the entrance to the wonderful 3-D-world of Kitesurfing.

In March of 2009, I made the instructor course of VDWS in Elgouna / Egypt.


In the beginning the idea was not to work as a Kite-Instructor, I was running a Tennisschool in Greece. I just wanted to learn more about Kitesurfing.

2011 I decided to start teaching Kitesurfing at the school of a friend at the Lago di Garda. It was perfect – teaching people is fun for me, and by the way, I had again more time to kite by my own.


After my first summer at the Largo di Garda, I was still hungry to teach and kitesurf, so I decided to work during the winter time in Elgouna with Kitepeople.

2011-12-18 Kitepeople El Gouna

The next summer at Lago di Garda working as station leader passed by. In the wintertime I gone again to Egypt. I helped setting up a new kitestation in Marsa Alam.


I was leading this school until I came back for the next season to Lake Garda. Here I was setting up another new station which I was leading for the summertime.

Blog introduce my self Villa Romantica

My last winter (2013/2014) I have been in Cumbuco / Brazil. I worked as a Headcoach for Kiteline Cumbuco and my Girlfriend was leading the station.


And now I am here and looking forward to a fantastic summer of 2014 with all of you. My first 9 days in the team showed me, that I made the right decision about my working place. The professionalism and knowledge of Mika (=Wind Riders) improve my teaching and the clear structure of working processes in the 3 stations makes working easy. But all about that, it´s still fun!

The Marlin: 75 hp