Spring is on it’s way and the season will start in a months time :)

February 24, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Spring is on it’s way!

It is only the 24th of Februari but you can see that spring is on it’s way. Temperatures are rising and the watersporters are out on Lake Garda daily surfing the Peler. Yesterday I drove by the lake on the Gardasane towards the South. I saw about 10 ¬†kitesurfers in front of Campione and about 100 windsurfers in front of Pra della Fam. A beautiful side, snowcovered mountains, clear blue sky and all the watersporters.

The 20th of March the boats will go in the water and we will start training with the new instructors. We will be open for lifts, rentals and lessons are 75% discounted, so our new instructors can practise with supervision of an experienced instructor. All our instructors are qualified but even a qualified instructor needs to get training before being ready to teach from a boat on Lake Garda.

The water is still fresh so bring your 5/5 mm wetsuit or use one from us. We have shoes, gloves, neoprene hoodies and wetsuits ready for you.

cold kiting girl lake garda wrapped up