Students, lifters, sun, wind and a lot of fun

August 14, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

The summer season brings a lot of nice people along with it. The weather did not let us down. Everyday we had a strong wind in the morning and also the afternoon brought us wind. The temperature is hot and therefore it is possible to kitesurf in a shorty in the afternoon!

For beginners it was nice to practice their kite control and the bodydrags. After bodydragging comes the practise of kitecontrol with one hand, the upwind bodydrag and the powerstroke. After they showed that they could make an upwind bodydrag to the board and with the board in the hand, they are allowed to try their first waterstart after a demonstration done by the instructor.

Some people could already kite but could not stand upwind yet. Those people took another lesson in order to become an independent rider. Jenna, a ten year old dutch girl, took 2 lessons and was riding perfectly independent and upwind afterwards. She was also able to do some toeside and nice turnings. We also had people taking lessons to practise jumping and their first tricks.

If you are an independent rider, it is also possible to take a lift. Last week there was a group of 6 dutch persons that took a lift almost every day to kite on the north wind in the morning.

In a few weeks time, the girls camp will start! It will be an incredible week where beginners will learn to become independent riders and more advanced girls will learn new tricks! It is still possible to book the camp! So don’t wait to long with that 😉

See you in Limone!

5 day course is a lot of fun:

August 9, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Hi Mika!
We didnt manage to say good bye to you personally yesterday – sorry for that! We want to say thanks a lot for the great time we had with you and your team at the school.
We learned a lot, it was a cool experience, had a lot of fun and we will keep on practicing!
You guys are doing a great job, keep the spirit!
See you, ciao!
Sven and Tobi