A great day for a German school class!

July 17, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

On the 9th of july, a large class of German highschool students came to Windriders to get introduced to the watersports. The day included a lot of activities which were organised by Windriders.

In the early morning at 6.45am, the first group of students arrived to get their first kitesurflesson  and went with the boat to the kitespot Capo Reamol to make their first bodydrag with the northern wind. The students were very enthousiastic en learned quickly. Some of them were even doing an upwind bodydrag or made their first waterstart! The wind was very good and also the teachers of the students were helping.

After the kitelessons, also wakeboard sessions and stand up paddleboard sessions were given. With the SUP sessions they made a tour to the south next to the steep mountains en of course theu tried to get each other off the board (and to get the intructor off the board!) There were 4 SUP sessions in total with 10 persons per session.

The wakeboard sessions were a big succes as well. Some of the students were able to stand onto their board for a few meters and they all had a lot of fun!


In the afternoon there was another kitesurflesson, but this time on the southern wind. The weather was perfect, with sun and there also was wind!

Just like the German highschool students, you can also get such a nice day with your friend and family. You only need to contact Windriders and then you can go kitesurf, wakeboarden or do a SUP-tour !