Great after kite teaching session and photo shoot

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After kite teaching photo session!!


We had a great Ora yesterday afternoon (21st June 2013!)

After a top lesson in which Rene was riding really nicely, Wiwi, Mika and I had a little photo shoot to show you guys just how amazing Lake Garda is at the moment!! We are always kite teaching when it is windy so now and again we sneak a little session in too!


Mika was in a short suit but Wiwi and I were just kiting in board shorts! It is so warm at the moment that we were kiting until around 6pm with no problems!! Both the water and air are so lovely and warm! We started in Navene and also made a trip across the Lake to get some shots in front of the beautiful hotel Capo Reamol. The wind was also just as nice here and the hotel is right on the narrowest part of the lake, where the wind is normally strongest-  making it a perfect destination to start kiting from…

Check out a couple of shots of our afternoon!

Mika freestyling at Capo Reamol

Mika freestyling at Capo Reamol

Using the V5 kahoona 2013 at Navene, Lake Garda
Using the V5 kahoona 2013 at Navene, Lake Garda

Rotation silhouette of Kara

Rotation silhouette of Kara


The summer has arrived!

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hey guys,

35 degrees, super warm water and nice winds every day? Sounds like August at lake Garda, but it is only June and already that nice! Kiting in Shorty or Boardshorts that´s the way it is at the moment:)  From one week to the other it changed from beeing comfortable  in a 5.5mm suit to beeing nicely warm in a shorty or even without! It went so fast but now we are happy to have the summer finally at the lake!

We had some super nice sessions with the ora  and also the Peler is arriving nicely! Yesterday we had a 9.5m Kite in the Ora so you see how strong it is these days!

If you dont know what to do in your next weekends or days off and you feel like going kitesurfing, check on our events if you find a girls- or proweekend for you! Or just come by for some lifts or a lesson anytime you want!

Girls!! Attention: There are still places for the girlscamp in august! Learn kitesurfing from us or just improve your skills during one week of kitesurfing at lake Garda! Just have a good time together with us!

The forcast for the next time looks great and here everything is ready for you! In the next days our team will be completed by Sanne who will join our team for juli, august and September!;)

Hope to meet you guys soon at the beach in Limone

Ciao Wiwi

Daily kitesurf news from Lake Garda

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