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And under every kite set you can write a comment with your name and we add your name to the raffle.

To get make a change on winning this kite you have to like our page and post a comment on the event.
If you have already liked our page and you know Wind Riders we give you a double change in the Raffle and we ask you to write a review on Trip advisor or on Wind Riders or any kitesurf forum or any travel, activity sport website.
Just send us the link of where you posted your review and we enter your name double in the raffle!

We will announce the winner on the 27th of March.




Wind Riders Snowkite camp 4/9 March 2013

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Wind Riders Snowkite Camp –) 4/9 March 2013 –) Passo Tonale, Italy



Passo Tonale from Randersen Films on Vimeo.

For many years Wind Riders has been teaching in the snow but this is our very first Snowkite camp. The idea is to have week filled with fun in the snow. During the day the group will get separated according to level but during the clinics and the other moments the group will be together. Tonale is a nice snow town with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and even a disco. The snowboard and ski area is small but if there is one day no wind you enjoy the pistes or go back country touring on snowshoes or skies.

6 nights of accommodation and breakfast are included in the price. More nights are possible to ad for the special price of 30 euro pppn bed and breakfast at http://www.appartamentimiriam.it/. Just inform us about additional nights in advance.

For who is this camp? Anyone who would love to snowkite. We will have 2 different groups. One for beginners and one for advance snow kiters. The beginner group is open for anyone no previous kite or snow experience is needed. If you have some ski and some snowboard experience than we suggest you go on skies. This because the beginning is a lot easier on skies.

What to bring? If you have a snowboard or/and skies, snow clothes (ski/ snowboard shoes, suit, gloves), a helmet than you should bring it. If you are flying in and it is difficult or you don’t have any, it can be rented. Tell us what you need and we will organize the best deal for you.

Where is it? Passo Tonale, Italy.


In all the packages included is the welcomes drink and goodbye dinner, snowkite clinics (weather, mountains, equipment, safety, repair) and Bed and breakfast.

Pro package: Advanced coaching and tours for 330  euro ( equipment excluded) 430  euro (equipment (insured) included

Intermediate lessons/ coaching package:  Intermediated  coaching for max 3 days and than joining the pro group 480 euro (equipment excluded) 580 euro equipment included.

Beginner package. Every day lessons and a little tour at the end.  680 euro. Equipment included.


No Wind policy: If there are less than 3 good days of wind, vouchers  will be given as compensation. The value of the voucher will depend on the days of wind and on the price paid for coaching, equipment or lessons. The vouchers are useble at snowkite school tonale and Wind Riders Kiteschool and Wind Riders kiteshop for a full year. For example: If you have booked the beginner package and you have only had 3 days of wind you will receive a voucher of 150 euro. If you have booked the pro package with your own equipment and there is no wind for 6 days you will get a voucher for 100 euro.

No snow policy: camp get’s moved to an other location where there is snow. Prices might change in comunication with the participants. The local will still be on an acceptable distance from Milan Airpot. (options are other spots in Italy and Swiss

Welcome in our team Sanne and Ante!

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Wind Riders proudly presents our latest editions to our team: Sanne and Ante. Read here what they have to say:)


I am Ante, 35, from Croatia.
I am pleased to be a part of the Windriders for 2013 and i will do my best to contribute to the team.

At the begining of my water story i was a windsurfer, and like most of them i resisted kitesurfing, but two years ago i did my first steps on kite and after that i knew that was it.
Since that day i have changed my priorities.
Sometimes i still go for a windsurf session ( but rarely) , and when it is not windy i usually ride some mountainbike to keep in a shape.
I also likes a music a lot (BNH, Incognito, Temper Trap, Groove Armada…. and lots of other groovy stuff)

So in few lines that was something about me and my preoccupation.
looking forward to start , see you soon 🙂



My name is Sanne and I’m 21 years old now. I started to become a kiteboarding addict when
I was 17 at the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands.

Last year I realised I wanted to do something more than that. I wanted to share my
enthusiasm and passion for this sports with others by becoming a kiteboard instructor.
Another thing what I love to do is travelling. So when I saw the advertisement for Windriders,
I did not hesitate and reacted. This was the start of something that will end in a wonderful

I’m really looking forward to give kiteboard lessons at the Lake! It would be lovely to be
surrounded by mountains instead of the ‘flat’ landscape of the Netherlands, and to drink
some really good Italian coffee 😉 And of course to have an incredible time with all the team
members of the school.

It will be lovely to meet you all, and I can’t wait till the summer of 2013!

See you soon!


2013 advanced coaching weekends and kitecamps

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Kitecamps and kiteweekends

kite weekends and kitecamps for experienced kitesurfer who what to learn more, get some good action shots and have fun with other kiters.

(Girls, for girls only camps please have a look at the KB4girls page. For mixed weekends and camps you real all the info below. )

We often get the question. Can I learn how to jump, can you give me some small advice about this trick. Can you show me how to do a backroll? The answer is YES, off course we can.  They only problem is that having someone learning kiteloops doesn’t match perfectly in a group of complete beginners. You learn the most of you are in a group of the more or less the same level. If all the group members are at least riding upwind the instructor can spend 100% off the time teaching, demostrating and coaching . Now that is what you want when you are an experienced kitesurfer.


To full fill this need we have designed our pro weekends. Join a weekend at Wind Riders. You will get advanced coaching with the help of radio helmets and video camera. You will progress with your tricks, plus you will get some nice pictures/ footage of the weekend. Beside the water sessions we have clinics on different kite topics: The weather, safety, kite repair, trick visualisation and lots more. Every day there is also one other acitvity: Yoga, wakeboarding, supping or hiking with the group. Saturday afternoon an aperitief at the Cherenguito beachbar, followed by Pizza for dinner and a fun evening out. Not until to late because the next day with the Peler we are heading out on the water again to practise the tricks in some stronger winds.

The weekends included accomodation ( in the cold months bed and breakfast, in the warm months a place on the campside), 2 kitesurf sessions, 2 kite clinics, 2 out door acitvities, 1 dinner. Price: 150 euro if you have your own equipment and 200 euro if you use ours.

We have every month a pro weekend. These are the dates: 13/14 April, 18/19 Mai, 15/16 June, 20/21 July, 17/18 august, 14/15 september and 19/20 October.

Just like for the girls we are also organizing pro camps; 26 Mai/ 1 June, 23/29 June, 21/27 July, 4/10 August, 22/28 september and 20/26 October. These camps and events are great for advanced kitesurfers. You get to know some others to hang out with, we are organize some great activities and kiting with other kiters of your level will help you progress a lot! These camps are also open for complete beginner kitesurfers. We will make level groups per boat.

Sign up here:

The 2013 Team

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The 2013 team is ready for you and stronger than ever. At the head of the team we have Mika and Kara. Kara already took on a lot of management tasks last year, at times when Mika was away. This year  Mika will be stepping back a bit more from the daily operation and will be more into improving our quality, team training, organizing  events and special lessons. Kara will be responsible for the daily operation, team management, keeping our shop and website up to date and equipment management. But since our passion and talent is most of all in teaching, Kara and Mika will be on the water most sessions as well. From the start of the season: Easter weekend we have on our site Wiwi and Ante. Wiwi worked with us already in 2012 and we are stoked to have her back. Since she is from Germany she speaks better German than me and Kara, which is nice for our german customers. Besides German she also teaches in English. Ante is new in our team. He will start the season with a one week intense training. In which he will get into our teaching system; practice how we launch and land kites from the boat and make sure he teaches up to our standards. He is an experienced instructor from Croatia who got the job out of the 12 candidates who got a skype interview for the job. So a big congratulations to you Ante and Welcome in the team! Ante will be teaching in English and as the only full time man in our team he will be taking on the maintance of the boats as well. Going into high season we will be getting reinforment from Sanne and Aleksei. Sanne will be working in the beginning as IKO Assistant and will possibly work her way up to instructor. She is from Holland and doesn’t have to much experience but she has a strong motivation and we are sure she will be a great addititon to our team. Aleksei is an experienced kitesurfing with a big passion for Yoga. In his home country he has his own Yoga and Pilates school. The summer months are low season and he is going to leave his team alone and come join us for high season. He will be helping out with some of the daily routine. Helping students get ready and showing them around. Besides that he will lead most of the SUP excursions.