The summer season is over but the snowkite season is starting!

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Have a look here: see what snowkiting is all about:


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update from Peru

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Maayke Tadema kitesurfing the waves at Lobitos, North Peru

Back in time to Lobitos.

After the KSP tourstop in Pacasmayo I spent one more week in Peru. Together with Lee, an other competitor of the KSP, I took the bus to Lobitos. Well that was the plan. Our bus stopped but the person we payed, hadn’t payed the bus company and the bus left without us. Nice 23:30 on the streets of Pacasmayo. We went back to the El Faro Adventure resort. No one was surprised that we didn’t got on the bus. No worries be happy there are more busses manjana. So manjana we went to town. All the tickets of that day were sold out and at the end we took a bus to Chiclayo, there the bus to Talara. Different places to get on the bus, different companies but it all worked out. 9 pm we were in Talara. 10 motor taxi guys stood around us asking loads of money to go to Lobitos. We agreed on a amount. And than they decided that it was not an option to go by motortaxi but that we had to take a car taxi. So we went with the motortaxi to the car taxi place. Deals were made and we got in a taxi on the way to Lobitos. The streets is offroad and dark. We were happy to be in a car and not in the motortaxi. Some time ago a lot of violent robberies happened on this street and now we can understand why. It is only a 20 minute drive but you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Arriving at Lobitos we found a nice hotel: Aitama, 25$ pppn, directly on the spot. The next morning looking out of the window I saw the swell lines lining up. It was sunny and warm. Such a difference with Pacasmayo. Here you can walk around in shorts and a top. Surfing still is done in a wetsuit because the water is not so warm. At 11 am the wind picked up and I had a great session on the water. It is a bit busy with surfers but there were plenty of waves. A good wave would break all the way from the point down to the pier. Real Peru style, super long waves to ride. The wave is fast and steep so timing was more important here. But the waves were also a lot of fun to ride. After kiting we explored the town. Lobitos is set up by an English Oil company. Peru scared of the English and the city is left alone. 50 years ago. And nothing happened with it since. Some houses are breaking down and in someothers there are people living, there are 2 restaurants, there are some locals and a lot of surfer tourists. One restaurant also sells some supermarket items. So you can live fine in Lobitos. For 15 sols (4 euro) you can have a good meal. A meal here has or chicken or fish, prepared with a lot of variation. In the evening everyone goes for dinner and than to sleep. There is not much of a night live and the next day at 6 am you see the surfers in the water.  Now there are more and more hotels getting build. We moved to a cheaper one of 25 solls per night. 2 minutes further away from the spot. The cheapest option is to sleep in a tent in the surfcamp. Starting at 10 sols pppn. (tent is provided)

I really like Lobitos, all the wooden old houses and building give the city its charm. You find are everything you need, food (good food where you do not get sick from), surfing (Ive been here 7 days and everyday there was wind for a 7,5 or my 9,5 Kahoona and everyday there were waves!) and  internet is available at some hotels. I think in a few year Lobitos will have changest a lot, if you have the change go now! It is  great experience

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